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President Kenyatta says govt has recovered Sh3bn graft proceeds

The Head of State gave the example of the proceeds recovered from the Smith and Ouzman case which have been used to buy ambulances/PSCU

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 15 – The Jubilee Government has recovered funds acquired through corruption to a tune of Sh3 billion.

During his State of The Nation address to a joint sitting of the National Assembly and Senate, President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that the recovered monies will be used to fund development programs in the country.

The Head of State gave the example of the proceeds recovered from the Smith and Ouzman case which have been used to buy ambulances.

“To date approximately Sh3 billion has either been recovered or preserved for recovery, a first in Kenya’s history. These recovered funds will be used for social programs for example, recently recovered funds from the Smith and Ouzman case have been used for the purchase of ambulances,” he stated.

President Kenyatta revealed that a framework that seeks to put the recovered funds to good use is being worked on and will ensure corrupt practices are reduced.

“Going forward we are creating a framework of how recovered funds will be used in a transparent and accountable manner. We have chosen an approach that prevention is better than cure. Cash payment, inefficiency and delays in service delivery breed corrupt practices,” he said.

He further outlined other gains seeking to reduce corruption which include Huduma Centres and the digitization of the land registries across the country.

“We have therefore invested in making service delivery more efficient and accessible through the Huduma Centres the e-Citizen, iTax, land registry services and other digitised platforms,” he said.

He pledged that for the remainder of his term, the Jubilee government will continue waging the war on corrupt practices.

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“In 2013, we pledged to pursue and freeze assets and proceeds of corruption and economic crimes. We have established the institutions that give us the capability to trace and recover money and assets globally which have been stolen from the public. These include the Asset Recovery Agency, the Financial Reporting Centre and the new investigations department of the Kenya Revenue Authority,” he stated.

He gave the example of economic crimes where he stated that the number of judicial officers dealing with such crimes have been increased to assist in eradicating the vice.

“We started the journey by pledging to strengthen our legal processes to wage a successful war against economic crimes. Today, we have 90 special prosecutors for economic crimes, in the Judiciary and the Chief Justice has established a Special Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Division of the High Court, and has appointed 13 special magistrates to deal with anti-corruption and economic crimes cases.”

He outlined an additional measure which includes barring those implicated in corruption from doing business with the government.

“In 2013 we pledged to make the necessary policy and legal changes to ensure that corrupt persons and companies would be barred from doing business with the Government. We have kept our promise by enacting a modern and far reaching Bribery Act which I assented to late last year. I congratulate the captains of industry in the private sector who championed this initiative,” he stated.

During his speech, the Head of State also indicated that a lot has been done during his tenure especially in ensuring devolution is entrenched in the constitution.

The President further stated that Jubilee has build a vast network of roads which has eased transport for all Kenyans.

He further invited Members of Parliament to take a ride with him from Mombasa to Nairobi during the inauguration of the Standard Gauge railway.

He also enumerated the connection of electricity to all public schools across the country, free maternal care for mother and access to affordable health care.

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