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Ouko takes his battle to remain Auditor General to the ‘streets’

Ouko contends he has not been given a fair hearing and hence his decision to speak directly to the people through the press/MOSES MUOKI

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 16 – Embattled Auditor General Edward says he will stay put despite a petition which he says is meant to hound him out of office and indicated that the allegations raised against him have no basis.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday Ouko accused the parliamentary Finance and Trade Committee of playing the role of an accuser after no evidence was tabled before it by the petitioner.

He further contended that it is not clear who his accuser is given the petitioner — Emmanuel Mwagambo — is a lawyer acting on behalf of an unnamed client.

“I won’t step aside. The DPP cleared me of any wrongdoing in the vault software purchase probe. The matter of the vault software purchase has been the subject of (an) EACC probe for six months,” he said.

Ouko further denied the accusation that the tax payer paid Sh1 million for him to use his iPad on a trip abroad.

“The petitioner alleges that contrary to Article 201(d), the Auditor General has wasted public funds by running up iPad and telephone charges in excess of Sh1 Million,” he explained.

“This is not true. The amount captured in the petition and the amount captured in the accounts of my department do not reflect this amount,” he indicated.

The Auditor General emphasised that he has dutifully submitted all his audit reports to parliament and furthermore, has only two vehicles allocated to him and not five as alleged.

He was accompanied by his Lawyer Otiende Amollo who said that Ouko was not compelled to appear before the National Assembly’s Finance committee anymore since Parliament is acting as a quasi-judicial body and as such is inferior to the High Court.

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“The committee then decided that although the petitioner had refused to give what he had, it was now the obligation of Ouko to give the evidence to incriminate him by directing him to go and get all sorts of evidence,” he said.

“That does not happen anywhere. Whoever alleges must prove and if there is no proof and you are not willing to prove it, that is the end of your case. We are in a situation where to date, the petitioner has not provided a single document in evidence,” he said.

Amollo stated that Ouko has nothing to hide and would wish for the truth to be unearthed.

“The question has been asked why did Auditor General Edward Ouko have to go to court over his ouster petition? He is not fighting any arm of the government and will respond to each of the allegations raised,” he stated.

He indicated that the Auditor General did not rush to court when he received the petition but cooperated with parliament.

He stated that all the issues that were raised before Parliament, were the ones before court.

“The process being undertaken by the National Assembly is not fair. It has been fast-tracked contrary to how other petitions are handled,” he said.

He stated that Ouko has dutifully submitted his audit reports to Parliament and all processes that involved his client were above board.

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