I’ve never dealt in narcotics, ex-Kamukunji MP Mbugua says

February 7, 2017 6:08 pm
His lawyer says the publication has lowered Mbugua’s reputation/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 7 – Former Kamukunji Member of Parliament Simon Mbugua has said he had never dealt in narcotics, and has demanded a published apology from a local daily within 24 hours.

Through his lawyer Osundwa Sakwa, the former legislator says the story was only meant to injure his reputation.

“It is public knowledge that our client is a former Member of Parliament for Kamukunji with a clean and a clear track record, “reads the letter. “He is a family man with respectable social standing.”

His lawyer says the publication has lowered Mbugua’s reputation.

“Our client has been ridiculed and suffered damage as your publication has portrayed him as a man of ill repute and a criminal of low social morals and is likely to be shunned and subjected to public odium.”

He is also seeking compensation for the damage done to his reputation as well as an assurance that he will not be linked to drug trafficking.

The publication which linked several high profile individuals to drug trafficking came as the government enhanced the crackdown on drug barons, in a renewed effort to bring to book the ‘big fish.’

President Uhuru Kenyatta has since warned that no one will be spared, though the Opposition claims the war has been politicized.

“We shall not allow the lives of youth and those of their families to be destroyed by drug barons… and youth should look for jobs and shun the menace,” he said.

Deputy President William Ruto who is currently on a coastal tour on Monday warned that no one will be spared including police officers said to have been compromised.

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“This war is going to escalate even more, not because of elections but because it is a justified war,” he cautioned.

Ruto told a press conference that action has already been taken against officers found culpable of cooperating with drug barons, saying the government will spare no efforts in expelling and punishing rogue elements within the police service.

“Officers that have been compromised by the drug barons have been disciplined accordingly,” he said adding that he needed not mention specific actions taken against such officers.

“There’s a lot that is happening around our security teams to ensure that the laxity that has existed in the past is dealt with firmly,” he said to ensure that the ‘twin’ war against drug trafficking and terrorism is won.


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