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Stop blackmailing Kenyans with threats of violence, Uhuru tells CORD

He said Kenyans have a democratic right to choose the leaders they want and the Opposition should desist from threatening the country with chaos/PSCU

KERUGOYA, Kenya, Jan 25 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has told Opposition leaders to stop issuing threats of violence aimed at intimidating and blackmailing Kenyans as the country heads into the elections.

He said Kenyans have a democratic right to choose the leaders they want and the Opposition should desist from threatening the country with chaos.

He said it was unfortunate that instead of going to the public and asking for votes from Kenyans just as the Jubilee leadership is doing, all that Opposition leaders are doing is talking about violence.

“Leave Kenyans to choose who they want without your constant threats. Stop blackmailing Kenyans with your threats of violence,” said President Kenyatta when he spoke in Kutus.

He criticized the Opposition leaders of lacking any agenda for the progress of the country and instead using threats of bloodshed as a campaign strategy.

He said the same individuals who were responsible for plunging the country into violence in 2007 were engaging in the same rhetoric they used the last time.

“He (in reference to Raila Odinga) is claiming that the NSIS is being used to rig elections. He is also claiming that my going round the country to sensitize voters is rigging. Is he even serious and how will that win him votes. Why can’t he go and ask Kenyans to vote for him?” posed the President in Kerugoya.

The President said Opposition leaders were constantly talking of stealing of elections instead of first asking people to register as voters and subsequently asking for their votes.

“You are telling us that if you steal you will see, what are we going to see? We are going round the country begging Kenyans to vote for us, how does that become stealing?” asked the President.

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The Head of State is on a tour to mobilise voters to register in large numbers and has so far toured eight counties. Other counties the President has visited are Meru, Laikipia, Samburu, Isiolo, Garissa, Muranga and Nyeri

He said it is important for all Kenyans to understand they have a duty to register as voters so that they can participate in the elections.

“You should get a voter’s card so that you can choose leaders who will work for you and safeguard your resources,” said the President.

He urged Kenyans to make their choices wisely as they vote for the leaders who will manage counties.

“This is a new era where the MCAs and governors control a lot of money. Funds meant for the grassroots development including health, water, agriculture and many more are overseen by MCAs and Governors and that is why it is important for each one of you to have a voter’s card,” said the President.

The President, who earlier in the morning visited Garissa County, started his tour of Kirinyaga by addressing two rallies in Ngurubani before traversing the county by road to address more rallies.

He made stops at Wamumu, Makutano, Sagana, Kagio, Kutus, Kianyaga, Kerugoya, Kagumo and many more towns where he urged the residents to register as voters so that they can choose the right leaders who are mindful of their welfare.

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