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Nursing Council investigating ‘nurses from hell’

NCK Registrar Tallam Kimaiyo said the Council had received the complaints it considered as serious and damaging to the nursing profession and promised to deal with culprits according to the law/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 26- The Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) is investigating alleged misconduct of nurses accused of using their social media accounts to agitate and shock members of the public by posting how they mistreat patients they consider to be a ‘bother’.

NCK Registrar Tallam Kimaiyo said the Council had received the complaints it considered as serious and damaging to the nursing profession and promised to deal with culprits according to the law.

“It has come to the attention of the Council that certain alleged nurses have engaged in unprofessional behaviour on social media through Facebook posts inciting professional misconduct and advocating for delivery of nursing services in a manner that would endanger and unnecessarily harm members of the public,” she stated.

Kenyans on social media earlier in the week had appealed to the government to deal with nurses who they accused of using their social media accounts to confess how they torture their patients.

It all started when a patient complained that a nurse had mistreated her only for other nurses to use their accounts to share the bad things they do to patients under their care or they would do to ‘disturbing’ patients.

Under #nursesfromhell on twitter and on Facebook Kenyans reacted angrily to the screen shots of messages posted by several nurses on their pages.

However, by Tuesday morning most of the alleged nurses had pulled down their social media accounts.

Rodabellah Arimba posted on her timeline; “How dare you. I am proudly a nurse (midwife) and you don’t know what we go through to save souls. Anyways, ‘if you ever insult a nurse and it happens you get yourself in hospital bed and in a life support machine mhhh trust me that nurse will unplug it just to charge her phone. When pushed to the wall we can be baaaaad lol.”

Arimba’s facebook page had her photos there and in some of them including the profile photo she was wearing her nurse uniform.

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After her comment, another nurse supported her; “I wish I can like your comment a million times.”

Adhis Nyasuba posted; “I wish I was there. Ningemuacha apate (I would have let her get) 3rd degree tear or given her a generous bilateral episiotomy na nimshone bila lignocaine mdogo mdogo for 2 hours. (Then I saw her without lignocaine (substance used to numb tissue). Then ni niendee huyo bwana yake vizuri (Then I continue with her husband very well).

Liliane mainye posted; “Huyu (patient) unafaa kuhakikusha amepata 3rd degree tear na akiwa labour room una chuna chuna kidogo! (This patient should get third degree tear and when she is in the labour ward she should be pinched a bit).

Nanjala Winny said; “Huyu nikimpata nampea aminophylline faster faster aende akiendaga, never to get the life to call people whores.” If I get this patient I will give her aminophylline she dies faster so that she never gets to call whores.”

Lyndah kisalu stated; “I feel you guys, huyu inafaa umfanyie (that I she is supposed to get) V.E (Vaginal Examination) 1000 times, forced to push at 4cm before the cervix is fully dilated, insist she’s dirty and that she’d shower before you attend to her…”

Rachael Nyaga Leshan also posted; “we also don’t like you patients sumbua, saitan. (We also don’t like you patients of disturbance, devil). Doris Kang’ish never go an extra mile for these ungrateful people. Fanya kazi yako yenye unalipwa kufanya, (do the work you are paid to do only) the rest they go drying, or is it dying.”

“It’s quite a shame that someone can really entertain such wicked thoughts at the expense of helpless patients. God knows how many they have switched off from life support machines,” Ndungu Nyoro posted on his Facebook page.

The posts by the nurses attracted thousands of comments with other Facebook users condemning the attitude of the nurses and calling on the government to take action against them.

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