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51 Lounge license revoked after residents raid over noise, immorality

The Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control Board moved in after the residents complained that the high end club had become a nuisance and a security threat to their neighbourhood/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 12 – Residents of the Apple Cross Residents Association in Lavington have a reason to smile, after entertainment joint 51 Lounge operating licenses were revoked by the County Government, for blatantly breaching the legal requirements.

The Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control Board moved in after the residents complained that the high end club had become a nuisance and a security threat to their neighbourhood.

“The county government hereby revokes your single business permit BID number 1413074 and liquor license number 07785 for the year 2016/2017 as provided for under the Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing Act 2014, “read part of the letter.

“You are therefore ordered to cease operations immediately until you adhere to the noise level directives , failure to comply the County will take appropriate action without further reference to you and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused.”

The letter signed by Chief Officer, Commerce, Tourism and Co-operative and Security County Liquor Board Engineer Judah Abekah directed the club owners to cease operations immediately.

On Monday, drama ensued at the pub after the residents raided the place and ordered patrons to leave.

The residents told Capital News that their once quiet neighbourhood has been turned into a double parking lot, and commercial sex workers now share their driveway.

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“We are waiting to see whether they will respect the law,” a resident who applauded the County Government’s move said. “We know we are dealing with our powerful cartel, ready to make money at the expense of our peace.

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Another who did not want to be named wondered, “just how they managed to get a liquor license and yet the place is deep inside a residential area?”

According to the residents – mostly with young families – they are forced to hop over used condoms on the road leading to their homes despite contending with the noisy nights.

“Where will our children go?” frantic residents were heard asking the patrons on Monday night.

“Where we are living is a residential area but unfortunately what has happened is that we have a commercial venture that has been set up right inside a residential area,” one of the residents, who did not want to be named told Capital FM News.

It was shock for many patrons who had already ordered drinks – locals and foreigners – after the about 20 residents said enough is enough and proceeded to the place and ordered them to take their last drink, and depart.

“Would you want this to happen to your neighbourhood?” they were heard asking.

He said he was not aware of change of use of the property.

“If it happened, it should have been put in a daily gazette notice to say that they are changing and if there are any issues, there will be response from either the neighbours or other parties concerned.”

Another said, “imagine like on Friday last week, I was coming back home with my three daughters but I could not even enter into my house since my driveway had been blocked by vehicles. To my dismay, in one of the cars, there were illicit activities going on there. We have commercial sex workers in the area.”

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You can imagine children in a neighbourhood that has been peaceful growing with such kind of activities around us. Noise levels are also high and yet children need to do their home work, sleep and wakeup early to go to school. We are not fighting the business but we want the law to be followed.”

Patrons caught unawares were given up to 11pm to finish up their drinks and leave.

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