Trump says to cancel billions of dollars to UN for global warming

November 5, 2016 11:08 am
US Presidential aspirant Donald Trump on the campaign trail/COURTESY
US Presidential aspirant Donald Trump on the campaign trail/COURTESY

NEW HAMPSHIRE, United States, Nov 5 – Republican candidate Donald Trump campaigned in the swing State of New Hampshire Friday, as he and bitter rival Hillary Clinton launched a last-minute blitzkrieg to win votes in battlegrounds. 

Trump was at the Atkinson Country Club where he urged voters to turn up on Election Day and give him victory in the State, where he overwhelmingly won the Republican party primary, in a bid secure the four critical Electoral College votes.

The Manhattan billionaire told supporters his administration would cut spending massively “and stop jobs from leaving America.  From now it will be America first; there will be consequences.”

 He indicated there would be lower taxes for businesses from 30 percent to 15 percent.

“We will also cancel billions of dollars in global warming payments to the United Nations… money that we don’t even know what they do with it and use that money to support America’s environmental infrastructure,” he told a charged Atkinson crowd.

 He said he wants American companies to go out and compete globally and stressed the need to protect the local environment. “We want clean water; clean air and we want safety.  That includes protecting the great bay and white mountains of New Hampshire.”

 He accused his rival Clinton of proposing a plan to bring in more refugees into America.

“When elected President, I will cancel the Syrian refugee programme,” he said amid applause.  He pledged to get Gulf States to create safe areas in Syria without imposing costs on the American people.

 “A Trump administration will secure the borders of the United States, and yes, we will build a great wall!”

He pledged to aid communities deal with the drug problem and vowed to ensure that anyone deported from the US for wrongdoing will never make it back under any circumstances.

 Trump said he would bolster the American Navy, which he says is the smallest it has been “since World War I. We will build the 350 ship navy our country needs which means more work for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.”

His bitter rival Clinton remains slightly ahead in national polls as a renewed probe into the use of her private email sever returned to haunt her on the last week of the campaign.

 Clinton was due in Cleveland later Friday for a rally featuring Jay Z after stops in Pittsburgh and Detroit.

She is also due in New Hampshire Sunday before President Barak Obama stumps for her in the swing State on Monday.

 Clinton is due cap her campaign later Monday in Philadelphia, where she will campaign with President Obama, First Lady Michelle, Bill Clinton.

 Trump returns to New Hampshire Monday night.

Clinton and Trump are two of the most disliked candidates in US presidential campaign history.


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