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Get your act together, Uhuru tells agencies in graft fight

The President who spoke at the State House Summit on Governance says as the Head of State, he has done all he can to ensure corruption is fought at all levels/FILE

The President who spoke at the State House Summit on Governance says as the Head of State, he has done all he can to ensure corruption is fought at all levels/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 18 – Calling them name by name, office by office, President Uhuru Kenyatta to the surprise of many asked each of the investigating, prosecuting and adjudication bosses gathered at State House on Tuesday to explain what had incapacitated them from performing their work as expected.

Speaking during the Summit on Governance and Accountability, the President repeatedly said he had done everything that was expected of him to ensure the four independent offices had the capacity to carry perform their duties.

“I have taken the actions that I can take within the constitution, that is within my power to give them all the resources and I challenge them today to stand up to say we have been denied resources and that is why we are unable to move,” he dared.

He explained that he had gone to the extent of ensuring that a multi-agency team was in place to coordinate the independent offices and even increased funding.

Despite all the efforts President Kenyatta was concerned that Kenyans were still dissatisfied with the justice system.

“The Judiciary, I have even no role. I was told that the Judicial Service Commission has the role. It gives me one name and my only role is to sign – who is the judge, who is the CJ – I have no role yet I stand accused that the Executive is not doing enough.”

He said he was unhappy that he was the one taking the entire blame for a fault that was not his own.

“As president, if there is one issue that has frustrated me, it is this issue of corruption. The pressure is on me. My government has taken action on corruption; I have removed everybody who has ever been named… I have done my work at great political expense.”

“What do you want me to do that I have not done?” he asked and repeated the same question in Kiswahili to emphasise his frustration with the continuing allegations levelled against the government and its alleged failure to address the same.

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The President squarely threw the ball to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Director of Public Prosecutions, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Judiciary.

“What do you need? Tell us Justice (Kimani Kihara) and we will give it to you and then pronounce a man innocent and if he is guilty then sentence.”

He urged the Judiciary to get the Anti-Corruption Unit of the High Court working to clear delayed corruption cases “whether day and night but give Kenyans answers.”

In case the Judiciary was concerned about jail space if it issued jail sentences, the President said it should be the least of its worries.

Under the Power of Mercy, he said he would create more space.

“When we are in Machakos (on Mashujaa Day) I am going to release all chicken thieves, so don’t worry there will be space. All you need to do is bring them, the cases are before you.”

– False Corruption Allegations –

The President blatantly called on his critics to come clean and name those involved in the Eurobond controversy instead of beating around the bush with threats that investigations were underway.

“We have the Auditor General saying money was stolen from Eurobond. Say it, I’m I the one blocking you, I did not appoint you, I cannot sack you, what is your problem? If it was stolen, say it was stolen by Uhuru or who else stole it.”

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“But saying I am investigating or we are looking or reports… a lot of nonsense to tell you the truth. Why can’t you say it?”

“If it is the Inspector General, he has done this and that, prosecute him. If it is Uhuru, prosecute me. What’s the problem, what have you been denied?”

“This is just a political circus,” the President vented as he cautioned critics against making fake allegations not supported by evidence but for the sake of gaining political mileage or disparaging the government.

“You don’t go shouting out there, come let us talk. We have no reason to beat each other. It is in every Kenyans interest first to make progress for us to find solutions.”

According to President Kenyatta, some of the allegations like on Eurobond were ridiculous and in fact laughable especially where critics linked the US Federal Reserve to the alleged scandal.

“Are you telling me that the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States have colluded? Who is the fool? That the Kenyan Government and the US government have colluded? And someone says they want to interrogate the US Federal Reserve. Are we serious with that we are doing,” he wondered.

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