Chris Brown smashes fan’s phone in Mombasa

October 8, 2016 6:02 pm


Brenda said her iPhone was smashed as she tried to take a selfie with the American star. Photo/CFM.
Brenda said her iPhone was smashed as she tried to take a selfie with the American star. Photo/CFM.
NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 8 – American music star Chris Brown has been accused of smashing one of his fan’s mobile phone on the ground as she tried to take a selfie with him on arrival in the coastal town of Mombasa.

The musician was walking to his car at the Moi International Airport, when the incident occurred, sparking harsh comments on social media where Kenyans called for his deportation coming less than three months after Koffi Olomide was deported for slapping a member of his band at the JKIA, Kenya’s main airport in the capital Nairobi.

“I was with my sister and we had gone to receive a guest at the airport and that is when we saw Chris Brown and I got excited and asked him if I could take a selfie with him,” Brenda Sugut told journalists in Mombasa, “he did not answer me but I went ahead and followed him while trying to get the selfie and that is when he grabbed my phone and smashed it down.”

Brenda said “My phone cost me Sh81,999, it’s an Iphone 6.”

She said the screen protector and cover were damaged during the incident that was witnessed by several onlookers as well as journalists who later interviewed her.

“I am not happy of what he did to me, he should always think twice before doing anything because what he did was not right at all,” she said, “If I knew he would do that I could not have even moved closer to him.”

The fan said she had planned to attend Chris Brown’s show but “now I will not go, because of what he has done to me.”

“We take selfies all the time with celebrities here, I don’t understand why he acted that way.”

There was no immediate comment from the musician’s promoters or himself and it was immediately clear if the incident had been reported to police.

The musician was scheduled to perform at the Mombasa Golf Club where several other artists—including Nigeria’s Wizkid and Ali Kiba from Tanzania will also feature.



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