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6 people killed in Mandera Al Shabaab attack

breaking-news-2016NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 6 – Six people were killed in Mandera early Thursday morning, in an attack blamed on Al Shabaab terrorists, police and local authorities said.

The attack occurred at a village near Bulla Public Works that had a total of 33 non-locals, police said.

“There was an attack in Mandera and unfortunately we lost six people,” Police chief Joseph Boinnet told Capital Fm on telephone.

He said the “attack occurred near the border and was targeting non locals but our officers moved swiftly and rescued 27 others.”

Mandera Governor Ali Roba too confirmed the attack saying “we have suffered yet another attack in Mandera and sadly we have lost 6 people.”

A senior police officer from the region said “there is no doubt this is the work of Al Shabaab who crossed back to their country but we will get them.”

The attack was the first in the region in the last one year, authorities said.

The area had been a target for Al Shabaab terrorists who launch attacks mainly targeting passenger buses, often only killing non locals or non muslims.

Similar attacks were launched in the past two years, leaving more than 60 people killed in separate incidents.

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