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Sheer hard work has made me who I am – DP Ruto


The Deputy President William Ruto addressing Kenyan journalists during an interview in New York/DPPS

The Deputy President William Ruto addressing Kenyan journalists during an interview in New York/DPPS

New York, US, Sep 26 – “I am my own made man,”… so says Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto, who says he has risen from being “the son of a peasant man,” understands there are people who believe one must be from a privileged lineage to rise to power.

“ I understand some people have a problem with how William Ruto got there; I have got where I am due to sheer hard work,” he said during an interview with Kenyan journalists in New York.

He said that being the son of a peasant farmer did not deter him from rising to become Kenya’s Deputy President.

“I perfectly understand people who believe that getting somewhere is through shortcuts,” DP Ruto said.

He recalled that people had a problem with him supporting Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s first President, Jomo Kenyatta.

“You cannot penalise Uhuru Kenyatta for who he is.  Look at Uhuru for who he is.  It does not matter who your parents are…” he asserted.

He said that every child in Kenya stands an equal chance irrespective of their background.

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“You should look at Uhuru Kenyatta for who he is.  Is he capable?  Does he have what it takes? The same applies for as William Ruto… don’t judge him that his father was a poor man… why does he have money today?”

Ruto who fielded questions on a wide range of issues said  Kenya had cooperated fully with the International Criminal Court, which failed in its case against him and President Kenyatta.

He defended the consolidation of the Jubilee Party through amalgamation of 12 political parties, saying it strengthens democracy.

“The coming of the Jubilee Party did not just happen.  We contemplated the party before the past election,” he said.

He recalled the difficulties Kenya witnessed during the Grand Coalition government, and said he and President Kenyatta wanted a different thing for Kenya.

“We must appreciate that there has been ethnisisation of our politics. And as leaders we must confront these realities.”

He said as a result of what Jubilee had achieved, the Opposition appeared boxed in and was aping what they had achieved.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and for sure we are not mad people” he said.

He said it appeared impossible for many political parties to merge “because we can now run politics based on which party stands for what ideology.”

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“This is a conscious decision we made before the last election” he revealed.

He said Kenya had a raucous government during the Grand Coalition government and did not want to go down that route again.

He said for long, Kenya has clinged to tribal politics, which needed decisive politics to break.

“This political move is not about me or President Uhuru Kenyatta or me.”

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