Why it’s really down to 5 for Chief Justice job

September 19, 2016 7:09 pm

Advocate and Pastor Lucy Wanja Julius, the Commission also felt, fell short of courtroom experience.

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Which leaves Supreme Court judge Jackton Ojwang as the last of those not initially shortlisted, to be interviewed.

And while the former scholar was more than adequately qualified, he had been found – by the very same interview panel – of being guilty of misconduct when he, together with a few of his peers, threatened to withdraw their services when the JSC directed that former Supreme Court judge Philip Tunoi should not sit until the court made a determination on the proper retirement age of judges appointed prior to the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution.

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His refusal to recognise the legitimacy of said finding by the JSC led to a heated exchange between himself and interviewer Mohamed Warsame, an Appellate court judge and which portrayed him as the ‘angry judge’ he had denied being.

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For argument’s sake, were the above to hold true, those initially shortlisted for the post remain standing: Supreme Court Judge Smokin Wanjala, Appellate court judges David Maraga, Alnashir Visram and Roselyn Nambuye, High Court judge Mbogholi Msagha and Constitutional expert, Nzamba Kitonga.

An analysis similar to that of Abdullahi who through his Twitter account stated: “The interviews for CJ were very revealing. I think Visram, Maraga, Smokin and Prof Makau did very well..one of these 4 will be next CJ.

“Worst performers were Ojwang and Ringera. Bad historic choices doomed their chances.”

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