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Kenyan cops repulse 50 terrorist during night attack in Liboi

The terrorist were repulsed after a fierce fire exchange according to police/FILE

The terrorist were repulsed after a fierce fire exchange according to police/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya Sep 22 – More than 50 terrorists stormed a police station in Liboi on Wednesday night, hurling bombs and shooting before they abducted two police officers.

Police Spokesman George Kinoti said three police officers were injured in the attack at Hamey Police camp near the Somalia border—and one had already been airlifted to Nairobi for specialized treatment as the search for the missing got underway.

The terrorist were repulsed after a fierce fire exchange according to police.

“The attackers retreated and later returned in a bigger number in a lorry and fired 3 bombs into the camp destroying some tents thus forcing our officers to withdraw for cover,” the Police spokesman said in a statement.

More officers have been sent to the troubled area as a major operation to pursue the militia was launched coupled with a search mission of the two missing cops.

The two other injured officers were rushed to Daadab hospital with minor injuries.

“It was brave of our officers to have managed such a big number of heavily armed attackers. The operation to pursue the attackers is ongoing,” he stated.

Somalia based Al Shabaab militia continue to pose a serious security threat to the country despite losing most of its operational ground in the ongoing AMISOM operation in its strongholds within the war torn country.

The attack was on a day after the country commemorated-though without a formal ceremony- the Westgate terror attack, which claimed 67 lives.

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The terror group claimed responsibility of the attack.

Al Shabaab claims their onslaught on Kenya is because of the continued stay of the Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia, though the attacks started way before the soldiers were deployed there.

The group was also responsible of what remains Kenya’s worst terror attack on April 2, 2015, where terrorists stormed Garissa University College, and killed 148 people, majority being students, mostly non-Muslims.

Aware of the changing times and the sustained terror threats in the country, the Interior Ministry has released a short video, advising Kenyans on what they should do if they ever find themselves in such a situation.

The message is dubbed as “The Survival plan for you and your loved ones.”

“In case of such a situation, you can run Hide or Fight, a slogan popularly known as RHF. Please note you can either start with any of the action according to which you find best suited for your safety.

RUN: Run towards the safest exit, do not stop to pick your belonging, help others escape if possible, run away from the source of trouble, do not stop to tweet or take a selfie and do not jump from high buildings.

Call 999 or 112.

HIDE: You should hide if there is no way to safely exit. Lock and secure the door with chairs or tables, put your cell phone on silent mode and inform those around you to do the same, hide behind large objects, remain very quiet and calm.

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Then sooth the babies to stop them from crying and if you are sure the attackers are not around you can call 999.

Only come out when it is safe to do so.

FIGHT: Improvise weapons from within your surroundings. Anything from within the room can be used as a weapon such a brooms, chairs, fire extinguishers and so on.
Fight to incapacitate the attacker.

Be physically aggressive, commit to your actions, support each other in fighting the attackers.

Remember, your survival entirely depends on your quick reactions. Do not be a victim. Run, Hide and Fight will save your life.”

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