EU, Kenya unveil strategy to promote women in politics

September 28, 2016 5:54 pm

European Union Ambassador to Kenya Stefano Dejak said the partnership attaches the greatest value to the critical roles that youth and women can play as agents of progress and change.

“Women and girl continue to face discrimination and violence and are – more often than not – largely under-represented in decision-making process. In Kenya the needs for a fairer gender balance, gender equality and effective women empowerment are recognised and enshrined in the Constitution. EU Diplomatic Missions to Kenya will continue supporting the Kenyan government’s efforts to meet the constitutional requirement of the 2/3 gender rule. Like Kenya we believe gender equality and tackling gender empowerment should be at the heart of all our development efforts,” the EU envoy affirmed.

MPs have twice failed to garner the requisite two-thirds majority to pass the Constitution Amendment Bill 2015 that seeks to address the two-thirds gender representation rule.

The law proposed to amend Articles 97 and 98 of the Constitution which speaks to the composition of the National Assembly and Senate to provide for a top-up mechanism through nominations for any gender deficit after an election.

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