How I moved on after hubby chopped off my hands, leg

August 5, 2016 5:30 pm


NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 5 – December 13, 2015 is a day Judy Muendi will never forget in her life. It was on that fateful day when a man she called husband and father of her three children made his threat real.

Just a day before, he had threatened to kill her following a domestic row at their home in Emali.

The 28 year-old got scared and spent the night at her neighbour’s house.

When she returned the following morning, she met her husband, a butcher carrying a machete. It was the same machete the butcher used to cut his wife as if he was chopping up meat at his butchery.

When he was done, there lay pieces of her two hands and leg in a pool of blood.

Once a marital home, it became a scene of crime that Muendi remembers like yesterday though eight months have lapsed since then.

Only her screams attracted the attention of neighbours who rushed her to hospital.

Muendi was discharged from hospital after three months. Even without her limbs she didn’t give up on her grocery business in Emali.

It is a competitive business because traders run for customers plying the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

For her to beat competitors she shouts on top of her voice calling on customers to go to her kiosk.

Once they go, she calls her friend who sells at a nearby kiosk or street children who have now become her good friends.

Ben Mwangi one of the street children picks her from her home and takes her back on her wheelchair for free.

“I do it for free. It comes from my heart because when she had two legs and her hands Judy was always nice to us. She used to help us and that’s why we help her.
We push her wheelchair in the evening and morning” Mwangi explained.

Judy said she was inspired to speak out after she heard about Mwende’s case. She is appealing to those helping Mwende to also help her get artificial limbs. Her husband was arrested in December 2015.

Judy Muendi at her grocery business in Emali/CFM NEWS
Judy Muendi at her grocery business in Emali/CFM NEWS

For the eight months she’s suffered disability inflicted on her by her husband, forgiveness is something she has left to God.

“I have told God to decide. He chopped off my hands and leg. He cut my head only God knows what to do with him.”

She recalled as she struggled to hold back her tears. Her kids are out of school because she cannot raise enough money to take care of the family.


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