Malik speaks of ‘frustration’ with Obama, his half brother

July 25, 2016 9:24 pm
Malik says Obama turned his back on them when it mattered/AFP-File
Malik says Obama turned his back on them when it mattered/AFP-File

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 25 – Malik, US President Barack Obama’s half-brother is a bitter man; so bitter and sad at his brother because he has done so little or nothing to help the family back in Kenya since becoming leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

His anger is also directed at the US Democrats, and believes that is their way of doing things and will never support Hillary Clinton who has been endorsed for the White House by Obama.

“I don’t like how the Democrats operate,” he told Capital FM News on telephone from Kogelo in Siaya County Monday. “This Trump guy is a really cool guy and I like him because he speaks from his heart and he is down to earth.” “Trump has my vote.”

Malik believes Clinton has not properly articulated her policies and what she will do if elected to change America.

“Trump is so much concerned about security and he wants to make America great,” he said.

“Trump is honest, and that is what the Republicans are all about. But the Democrats just give lip service and telling people what they want them to hear. Their politics are not honest.”

“But look at Trump, the guy speaks from his heart and you can see he is very honest in what he says. He speaks what he thinks. It is not like someone is prompting him.”

Malik, who is Obama’s elder half brother, said he still loves him even without supporting a candidate he has endorsed.

“It is not that I don’t love my brother when I say I will vote for Trump, but it is because I have freedom to choose. I am my own man, and I am entitled to freedom of expression,” he said.

When Trump learnt on Friday that Obama’s brother was supporting him, he promptly tweeted “Wow, President Obama’s brother Malik just announced that he is voting for me”.

Malik said he’s hoping Trump will not change once in office.

“Trump has my support and I hope he will not change when he becomes president,” said Malik who is a voter in America.

“I just came back here (in Kenya) briefly and I will be going back to America to vote, and I will vote for Trump. He has my vote.”

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