Kirubi encourages Starehe students never to give up on their dreams

July 30, 2016 6:52 pm
Dr Kirubi was the Guest of Honour at the celebrations at the request of Starehe Boys Centre/KEVIN GITAU
Dr Kirubi was the Guest of Honour at the celebrations at the request of Starehe Boys Centre/KEVIN GITAU

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 30 – Echoing one of Nelson Mandela’s famous quotes, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’, Capital Group Chairman, businessman and philanthropist Dr Chris Kirubi has asked students to leverage on education to change their lives.

Dr Kirubi has in the same vein asked students to shun away from irresponsible behavior such as the recent wave of arson which has seen property in more than 100 schools destroyed.

Speaking during the Starehe Boys Centre’s 57th Founders’ Day, Kirubi termed the unrest tragic and put those responsible on the spot for destroying their future.

“When you burn the institution that is educating you and giving you a better opportunity to better your future, you destroy your own personal survival. It is misguided and tragic,” Dr Kirubi said while addressing students and invited guests.

He added that the arson cases recently witnessed in secondary schools were uncalled for, urging parents of secondary going students to intervene.

“You need to communicate openly with your children. This is the only way you will understand what is bothering them and the kind of challenges they are facing. Be their first teacher, be the one who teaches them how to be responsible because if you do not, the world will.”

At the same time, Dr Kirubi commended students of Starehe Boys’ Centre for maintaining discipline even as their peers in various schools result to arson.

“I commend the students of this institution for maintaining peace and leading by example. Institutions are meant to be preserved and passed down to others so that many more can benefit.”

His sentiments were echoed by Former President Mwai Kibaki, who serves as the school’s patron. Kibaki said more needed to be done to instill positive values in the youth of this country.

Dr Kirubi contributed Sh2 million to the Geoffrey Griffin foundation to assist needy students who make up 70 per cent of the student population.

Also at the function were the school’s alumni who contributed more than Sh5 million.

Dr Kirubi at the same time encouraged students to pursue their dreams regardless of their backgrounds. Kirubi said their past should not determine the future, especially for students who set out to realise their aspirations.

“I came from a very poor background and was orphaned at an early age. I navigated so many challenges to get to where I am today. Therefore, do not give up hope and do not let your humble backgrounds determine how much you can do in life.”


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