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Moses Nderitu of Excloosive seen here taking the challenge/COURTESY

Moses Nderitu of Excloosive seen here taking the challenge/COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 14 – Far be it for Kenyans online to be left out of a good trend and on Wednesday they joined their Ugandan counterparts in making good fun of a set of photographs showing Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on a call on the side of the road.

The fun started when the President’s Press Secretary Nabusayi Wamboka posted two photographs on her Twitter account showing Museveni sitting on foldable chair with a phone to his ear; his convoy blocking one side of the road.

In one photo he appears to be engrossed in a telephone conversation while in the second he gives a thumbs up sign, in acknowledgement, to the driver on the opposite lane.

Wamboka’s accompanying caption is: “.@KagutaMuseveni makes roadside phone calls surprises residents.” Said residents being those of Kyeirumba Village in Isingiro.

Ugandans online naturally began to wonder who could have possibly been on the other end of the call and it wasn’t long before speculation gave way to a bit of fun with Wamboka herself sharing some of the memes created.

@iAmGrux tweeted a meme titled ‘The Museveni starter pack’ showing an early generation Nokia phone, a deck chair, road and a signature Museveni sun hat.

@Eex_oh couldn’t resist a Game of Thrones adaptation and posted a meme showing Museveni sitting not on a deck chair but on the much sought after Iron Throne.

@iGitz_shared a photoshopped image of football star Ronaldo making an effort not to step on Museveni’s toes.

Kenyans were not to be left behind and took up the #M7challenge; posting images of themselves taking calls on seats by the roadside.

Capital FM Kenya had its very own @Amina_Kenya, @itsSoulo and @MrMuraya taking up the challenge; as did the @Kenya7s team.

Businesses as has become commonplace, also sought to cash in on the trend as did politicians with @RMAKenya, @NTVUganda and Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga uploading their own renditions.

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