Governor Mutua appoints Quality Assurance advisor

July 18, 2016 4:21 pm
Governor Mutua appoints Quality Assurance advisor/FILE
Governor Mutua appoints Quality Assurance advisor/FILE

, MACHAKOS, Kenya, Jul 18 – Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Monday appointed Kimeu Kimeu his Quality Assurance Advisor on matters of government buildings and services.

Kimeu has been charged with establishing an inspectorate tasked with ensuring government buildings are properly maintained and meet the highest of standards both in appearance and as conducive work environments for the county government staff.

“The truth is that majority of government officials are very good workers who sacrifice even time beyond normal working hours and at times work under difficult situations,” Governor Mutua said when making the appointment.

In terms of service delivery, Dr Mutua said Kimeu and his team would make policy recommendations on how it could be improved upon to ensure county residents receive the best.

“They are required to ensure proper service delivery and maintenance of high standards. They will also prepare a standards guideline and handbook based on international standards,” he said.

Dr Mutua has regularly made changes to his government where he has felt there has been a shortfall in service delivery to the public.

Just last week he pulled what has popularly come to be known as a ‘Magufuli’ – after Tanzania’s head of state – when in his fashion, he paid an impromptu visit on the Kathiani hospital and suspended several senior members of staff after finding that the services provided therein fell short of his vision for Machakos county.

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A month before that, he interdicted two Chief Officers and suspended 36 officers in the Ministry of Water.

Others suspended included engineers, supervisors and geologists.

“The spirit of Maendeleo Chap Chap is quality, efficiency, and speedy delivery of development projects and services. The message is clear. Work or go home,” the Governor said at the time.

Kimeu’s appointment and that of Agnes Nyaboke’s before him as the Deputy Director Government Delivery Unit, in charge of projects completion is likely in an effort to streamline public service delivery in Machakos particularly with the publishing of a standards guide in the horizon.


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