Photographer Tunick plans nude demo against Trump’s ‘hate’

June 4, 2016 8:07 am

– ‘Body as art object’ –

The New York-based photographer, who has completed major installations around the world, is in Colombia as the conflict-torn country closes in on a peace deal between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

“It’s an honor to be here at this moment when life is changing and hopefully a peace agreement will be signed,” he said.

Tunick said his Bogota installation – the largest he has done in six years – would feature unclothed Colombians sprawled out across a government square at different elevations.

He said the aim was “to work with the body as an art object as opposed to an object of crime or violence, just show the body as a beautiful organic entity that transforms the space, the governmental space of the square.”

The Colombia conflict, which began in the aftermath of a peasant uprising in the 1960s, has killed 260,000 people and uprooted 6.6 million over more than half a century.

In this diverse country with deep inequalities and roots in Europe, Africa and the Americas, Tunick said he was hoping his photo shoot would attract “an alphabet soup of skin tonalities, ethnicities, people from all walks of life.”

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