Mutava woes the result of Kanyotu property dispute – Pattni lawyer

May 12, 2016 5:30 pm
Lawyer Bernard Kalove testifying before the Mutava tribunal/FRANCIS MBATHA
Lawyer Bernard Kalove testifying before the Mutava tribunal/FRANCIS MBATHA

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 12 – Businessman Kamlesh Pattni’s long-time lawyer Bernard Kalove on Thursday elaborated on what it was he claims fellow advocate Nelson Havi sought to extort from his long-time client and out of which, he said on Tuesday, a  “personal vendetta,” was borne.

A personal vendetta of which, he testified, suspended judge Joseph Mutava was a casualty.

When he appeared, for the second time on Thursday, before the tribunal charged with deciding Mutava’s future in the Judiciary, he testified that Havi filed a case against Pattni to blackmail him into pressuring a long-time business associate to sell their property to his client; the long-time business associate being the late James Kanyotu’s widow Mary and Havi’s client being identified by Kalove as Westlands Residential Resort Limited.

“He wanted Mr Pattni to influence the Kanyotu family to surrender or sell the property in question,” he testified.

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Havi later, he said, got his way and that’s why, he insinuated, he later withdrew the petition he had filed against Pattni on behalf of International Centre for Policy and Conflict and withdrew his complaint against Mutava for granting Pattni relief orders.

The case Havi litigated on behalf of ICPC, sought to ensure Pattni was held criminally liable for the infamous Goldenberg scam and his complaint against Mutava had to do with the circumstances under which judge granted Pattni relief by barring his continued prosecution over the Goldenberg scam of the 90s.

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The fact that Havi did not take issue, in his notice of appeal, with Mutava being the judge that heard Pattni’s application for Judicial Review, Kalove said, also went to show that Havi’s real problem wasn’t with Mutava but Pattni.

Havi had occasion to give his version of events on April 25 while Ahmednasir Abdullahi, another advocate adversely mentioned in the probe, is slated to appear before the tribunal on Monday.

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