Video showing UoN students being whipped goes viral

April 5, 2016 10:01 am
A screen grab of the video shows the students being beaten by GSU officers/COURTESY
A screen grab of the video shows the students being beaten by GSU officers/COURTESY

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 5 – A video showing GSU officers whipping University of Nairobi students during Monday’s protests has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the students are seen lying on the ground being whipped by several police officers armed with clubs.

Nairobi Police chief Japheth Koome called a press conference to address the matter on Tuesday morning.

The protests turned violent after a group of students opposed to the re-election of Babu Owino as SONU chairman started stoning motorists around the university after torching the union leaders’ offices.

Police have been engaging the aggrieved students since Sunday following their elections that they claim were marred by irregularities.

Owino however maintains that he won fairly and there was no foul play in the polls.

“Mike was not even initially in the race for the chairmanship. He came only three weeks to the elections. Mike never even campaigned in any campus apart from main campus where he won with a very slight margin of votes,” he stated.

“Tomorrow if I want to take my people to celebrate my victory in the streets I will do so but we do not have to do so. The University of Nairobi has 84,000 students. Only less than 300 students were demonstrating. Does it show that the UoN students did not accept Babu?”

On Saturday, more than 30 University of Nairobi students were arrested after they turned violent during a protest against Owino’s re-election.

The students claim that the election was marred by malpractices with some accusing Owino of deploying dictatorial tendencies to remain at the helm.

Here are some of the sentiments, as posted on Twitter under #SaveUON hashtag;

mtmi @raszk I wish the peeps applauding the GSU knew how chics were innocently harassed in their rooms. GSU are no different from the goons.

Leakey Nelson @ItsLeakeyNelson The question is why do you accept to be bribed & vote the guy you claim shouldn’t be your leader #SaveUoN

its david mathenge @mathenge_nduhiu i believe that students have their own rights which even the police should respect…. #saveU

@Monajamonj ‘Kishaipoteza This is illegal, it’s assault and torture at the same time #SaveUON

mugai muthoni @sonie_mugai You get bribed,you vote for babu,you riot,you get arrested,this how we got ‘bad’ leaders even in parliament #saveuon

Bishara @selsabeel_ Kwani huyu Babu Owino anasomea nini? Juu I found him in uni and graduated, yet he is still there #SaveUON

Paul @Paulkim_ Apr 3 Down to the dogs goes the most prestigious education institution in the country … #SaveUoN

Ken @68jka Next time there’s a demo, don’t go to the library! The innocent fall prey to such barbaric acts from the enforcers!


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