‘It is cool to say no’ – First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

April 15, 2016 12:27 pm

“With the right investment, we can raise a generation of change makers: a generation of inventors, innovators, problem solvers, peacemakers, faithful wives, noble husbands, wise mothers and dutiful fathers”, she said.

The First Lady said Nalsa’s mentorship programme will not replace the work of teachers (in regular school system) or that of parents in setting the right examples for the children.

She said Nalsa’s school mentorship programme will only bridge the missing gaps in nurturing the youth and mitigate emerging social challenges.

“It (Nalsa) exists to provide children with the counselling, support, and soft skills they need to succeed. It exists to nurture, guide and develop young children, into strong citizens of high moral standing and deep conviction”, said the First Lady

Commending Nalsa for investing in the mentorship programme, the First Lady implored all parents to embrace what she described as the “difficult, challenging, but highly rewarding work of parenting.”

“I urge you to care not just about what they are becoming in life but to also care about who they are becoming too-as friends, as citizens and as human beings. I urge all Kenyans to pursue the holistic development of their children”, she said.

The First Lady said mentorship work for the Kenyan youth requires collective partnerships and commitment adding that it cannot be just left to parents, teachers and the church.

Kiaraho said Nalsa will roll-out phase one of the mentorship programme across 50 constituencies. The programme starts in upper primary schools where children are at their most vulnerable stages.

Besides Nalsa members, others at the Gala Dinner included members of parliament, governors’ spouses and members of the business community.

The First Lady also presided over a fundraiser where she pledged to give Sh1 million to enable Nalsa roll out the mentorship programme across the counties. Each of the Nalsa members has contributed Sh120,000 towards the programme.

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