Brazil impeachment drive accelerates to Senate

April 18, 2016 11:34 pm

– Democracy question –

Analysts predict a long crisis rather than the radical fix that proponents of impeachment say would follow Rousseff’s ouster.

Rousseff allies say the president would fight to the end against what they see as a bid by the opposition defeated in 2014 elections to take power by other means.

“The coup plotters have won here in the house,” said Jose Guimaraes, leader of the Workers’ Party in the lower house of Congress.

The government “recognizes this temporary defeat but that does not mean that the war is over,” Guimaraes said.

“The fight will continue in the streets and in the Senate.”

Cardozo described Rousseff, who was imprisoned and tortured under military rule in the 1970s, as “very strong” and able “to fight a good fight.”

Huge opposition rallies over recent months have played a big role in turning pressure against Rousseff into an unstoppable avalanche.

Now anger on the streets could again play a role as the stakes in the crisis rise even higher.

Sylvio Costa, who heads the specialist politics website Congresso en Foco, told AFP that Brazil’s troubles are only starting.

“Whoever loses will keep protesting in the streets,” he said. “What’s certain is that the crisis will not end today.”

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