Why we revealed identity of girl in cops gang-rape saga

March 11, 2016 4:41 pm

Because of her sickness we told her we would rather wait for her to improve then come back after some days when her condition was better.

The nurses and doctors also advised her not to be interviewed in her condition.

But she insisted that she had to talk and that’s why she had requested for the interview.

The only option she had left, she said, was for the world to know her and her story.

Her soft and silky voice almost brought tears down my face and that of my cameraman.

But because of her resilience, courage and determination to share her story, we gathered our strength and suppressed our sympathy.

“I will talk to you, I want to talk to someone who will know what is happening,” she said even as she took short breaks to spit or vomit.

“I have been hiding myself all this time, I have suffered, they have hurt me and they almost killed me many times. They are still following me.”

That statement scared us even more.

I explained to her that we would record her voice but hide her image and name.

“I don’t want to hide anymore – I have gone into hiding, I have changed how I look, I have changed my identity, but they still find me and they hurt me. If you are not going to show my picture, then I won’t talk to you. I want people to see me and what is happening to me,” she interrupted in her silky voice, this time almost breaking down into tears.

We gave her time to relax.

This time, Francis Mbatha (cameraman) got closer to me and whispered.

“What do we do?”

But after he didn’t get an answer from me and Daisy had regained some energy and was ready to talk to us, Mbatha explained to her that he would take shots from her back to prevent her face from being seen.

But she was clear that the only reason she wanted to be interviewed was because she was tired of hiding from her enemies.

She told us that on two occasions, she thought she would die because her attackers threw her in dangerous places after gang raping, stabbing and drugging her.

“When they dumped me on the hills in Machakos, I would have died if I was not dragged by the roadside where police saw me and took me to Machakos Hospital.”

“Even in Naivasha, I was seriously bleeding. They threw me near the water. I could have died if some people there didn’t help me. They cut my neck.”

“That is why I want to be seen, if they kill me, they will be seeing me. You will also see me and see what happened to me. They already know me, so no point of hiding. They always found me, so there is no need of continuing to hide. ”

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