Queries mount over death of driver at Youth Fund

March 25, 2016 9:41 am
“When we got him out I Googled for the nearest hospital"/FILE
“When we got him out I Googled for the nearest hospital”/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 25 – A member of the beleaguered Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board on Thursday gave his version of the events that led up to the suspect death of driver Simon Mwangi in October last year.

Clement Ayungo, the board member, was forced to read out his date of birth from his passport by the National Assembly’s Public Investments Committee after he recounted what transpired the night Mwangi died.

The 31-year-old narrated how Mwangi, who was based in Mombasa, ended up driving him around that fateful day.

“We (the board) were in Mombasa for work on the budget and in Nakumatt with Chairman Bruce Odhiambo when Mwangi told me he was hungry. I told him to eat at the hotel I was staying at on my bill.”

Later, he testified, his, “good friend,” Babu Owino invited him to the South Coast for a pool party. “So I told Mwangi to drop me off at the ferry. The phone with my private line had died and it’s the one that had Babu’s number but I remembered the location of the party so I took a taxi.”

About an hour later, he claimed, Mwangi joined him at the pool party on his invitation. A version of events Wundanyi MP Thomas Mwadeghu took great exception to. “That time frame is simply not feasible given the ferry crossing involved. Just admit you used public resources to do your personal business,” he challenged.

Once Mwangi was at the pool party, Ayungo said, he offered him whiskey – which he was drinking – but the driver, he said, preferred white wine. “Then I told him to go enjoy the girls at the pool.”

It was in that pool that Mwangi drowned. “I found him in the pool after everyone had left the poolside and tried to pull him out but I could not do it alone so I called for help.”

“When we got him out I Googled for the nearest hospital.”

Something Committee chairman Adan Keynan found incredulous. “So you didn’t have time to resuscitate him but you had time to Google?”

Eventually, Ayungo continue to testify, they took Mwangi to a hospital in Diani but he was pronounced dead on arrival and the police called in.

“Babu, myself and Steve (Mbogo) recorded statements with the OCS.”

It was a version of events the MPs found hard to swallow and therefore demanded that he makes available to them his police statement.

Ayungo told the committee he had been summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations over the matter and will be recording another statement on Thursday.

Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando has called for a judicial inquest into Mwangi’s death given his wife claims he was afraid for his life after he overheard something he wasn’t meant to on fraud at the youth fund.


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