Matiang’i wants CUE role in vetting leaders made mandatory

March 23, 2016 3:32 pm

“You can produce your transcripts, the professors are here. Why do I need to go to court. How could you have gone to school where there were no classmates and no one is claiming you as a classmate,” he wondered.

While giving his example, he stated that he is known at the institution where he learned and has many classmates who recognise him.

“I have many of my professors who can vouch for me, who taught me, supervised me in school and I believe all of you good people since you and I and all of us are very law abiding people, we have classmates, who went to school, we have teachers who can say that they saw us in class and we don’t need to go to a judge to confirm to us that we went to school and we didn’t,” he said.

He reiterated the need for the Commission for University Education to be involved in the vetting process so that a high standard can be maintained.

“The voice of the Commission for University Education must be heard. If you come up with a degree from a degree that we cannot recognize as a country, we should not think that you are then qualified enough then to hold office in Kenya. Because why then do we have laws on the recognition of credentials,” he stated.

“We have a law in place that states that you need a degree for this or that and you know there are people who hold elected positions to this day who do not have degrees. People launder themselves around. How do you go to court so that a judge can determine whether you went to school?”

He stated the need for education stakeholders to make our contributions towards improving the value system of education.

He said this will ensure that young people not only grow up in an environment where they respect other people, but also themselves.

“And if the law says you can only contest this position if you have a degree, if you have one, you contest, if you do not have one, you do not contest hence you stay at home. When you see people turn up, you know in your heart of hearts you never sat in anyone’s classroom and you never wrote an exam. I do not know whether that worries you,” he said.

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