Man attacked by lion in Kenyan capital cries foul

March 30, 2016 7:03 pm

He was then taken to Mater Hospital after declining to be taken to Kenyatta Hospital.

At Mater Hospital, he got stitches and underwent an X-ray. It was then that it was discovered that he had fractured his shoulder. He went for surgery on Saturday evening.

Agneta Ohato, wife to Odori got the news that her husband had been attacked by a lion upon reaching home in the afternoon.

“I immediately abandoned my luggage took my pouch and went to Mater Hospital where my husband had been hospitalized. On my way, I questioned God, why he let such a beautiful morning turn into a nightmare.”

At the bus terminus to hospital, she saw her friends watching a video via a cell phone. She then was swift to tell them the video they were watching and making fun of was her husband being attacked. They went to hospital together.
“At 63, I have to work to provide for my wife and children. I have physical pain and nightmares when I sleep. I still think lions may be waiting for me near where I was attacked. But that will not deter me from toiling to provide for my family.”

Odori broke down before his family, at the thought that he has met death the morning he was attacked. He particularly pointed out his adopted blind son. He wanted him to get a wife to take care of him.

“I am weeping, but I am not bitter. I am weeping because my elderly wife, who is a green grocer, is not as strong. The government can’t provide for us, for there many street children out there. I have to fight and make it with God by my side.” He said with his watery eyes looking at his blind son.

His eldest children do odd jobs to make ends meet for they did not attain proper education. His daughters ended up in early marriage.

“I thank God for he has treated my husband. I urge the KWS and Mater Hospital not to abandon us. He is not as strong as he was. Neither is my business doing well,” Agneta pleaded.

“My headache now is his diet. He now has to have more fruits to accompany his special meals. We can’t afford that,” she says hands over her head.

“I am like Daniel in the Bible. What he went through is exactly what happened to me,” Odori concludes while putting his arm sling in place.

“There is provision for compensation, Michael should apply for one and the law provides that the county compensation committee should process this. It is a process,” concluded Gathitu.

On the day of the interview, the family was doing a fund rising to meet his transport cost to go to hospital to get a rabies injection. KWS state they were not aware of Odori having any hospital appointment before April 5.

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