Governor Mutua slams Kalonzo for meddling in Machakos affairs

March 13, 2016 11:22 am
Mutua who made a triumphant entry into Machakos town where he was mobbed by jubilant supporters alleged Kalonzo was behind the attempted coup in the County Assembly/FILE
Mutua who made a triumphant entry into Machakos town where he was mobbed by jubilant supporters alleged Kalonzo was behind the attempted coup in the County Assembly/FILE

, MACHAKOS, Kenya, March 13 – Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has launched a scathing attack on Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka accusing him of plotting to bring down his government.

Mutua who made his first public appearance after a three week official overseas tour said in the past three years, he has witnessed endless political squabbles in Machakos which he alleged were fuelled by Kalonzo with the aim of destabilising his government.

“This is also being done to slow us down from delivering on my agenda to fight poverty and bring Chap Chap development to Ukambani,” he said.

He revealed that divisions in the County Assembly and destabilization acts within his government were orchestrated by Kalonzo either directly or through proxies like Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama.

On Saturday, Mutua who made a triumphant entry into Machakos town where he was mobbed by jubilant supporters alleged Kalonzo was behind the attempted coup in the County Assembly in a bid to replace leadership allied to him with MCA’s opposed to development.

“This was a plot whose intent was to frustrate my work and eventually remove me as Governor using MCA’s allied to him,”said Mutua.

He alleged Kalonzo personally called MCA’s by phone and even met some of them and urged them to install the new leadership in the County Assembly and in extension in the county government.

“He promised them wiper tickets and other goodies if they work against me as the governor and my government. He even called some of my members of staff and threatened them, when he realized that his ploy had failed,” said Mutua who addressed a rally at Mwala town.

Mutua said time has come for leaders to be judged by what they have done and are doing for their people and not just for themselves.

“Kalonzo has been in senior Government positions for over 30 years, yet the Ukambani region is still lagging behind in abject poverty, lack of tarmac roads, lack of water, lack of electricity, lack of proper medical care, lack of skill training and higher learning institutions and regrettably lack of food. We have become the laughing stock in Kenya due to our dependence on food relief every so often,” Mutua said.

He sensationally claimed that members of the county assembly and county staff were ready to tell it all and to reveal the role played by Kalonzo personally to destabilize him and his Government.

“Recently at Kyevaluki in Kangundo, Kalonzo paraded and praised members of the county assembly that he had temporarily installed in Machakos, before the people of Machakos undid his work. His plans have failed and will continue to fail because I am working not for myself but as a servant to bring development to my people,” said Mutua.

He said that for a long time, Kenyans and Machakos residents have thought it was Senator Muthama who has been fighting him and his Government adding that the truth was that it has always been Kalonzo M using Muthama and others as proxies.

“This, we found out a long time ago but have kept quiet out of respect and played the fool for a long time. However, the time has come for us to expose the truth. We cannot condone politics of poverty while our people desire real change and Maendeleo Chap Chap,” said Mutua.

Mutua who was accompanied over 35 MCA’s led by Majority Leader Joshua Mwonga and minority leader Thomas Kasoa accused Kalonzo of political hypocrisy and double-speak.

“When we do speak, Kalonzo tells me he wants me to succeed and wants us to work together, something he also tells many other people. However, in the background, he is busy conniving with various people and agencies to bring me down,” said Mutua.

He said Kenyan’s need to know that he was being victimized because of his focus on development and the empowerment of ordinary people as opposed to playing ball in schemes of empty politicking and endless strategizing for power for an individual.

Mutua took issue with Kalonzo for questioning why he had travelled overseas and also made disparaging comments about his absence.
“Unlike many people who travel overseas, I was busy working for my people, looking for opportunities, jobs and investors for Machakos and Our region, so as to roll back poverty,” said Mutua .

He alleged that in the past one year, since January, 2015, Kalonzo has made 45 overseas trips, visiting 13 countries.

“Some of the trips have been personal family trips but the majority; he has travelled as Wiper leader. In all these official trips, he has brought back nothing. No jobs for our youth, no development projects or anything that will change lives,” said Mutua.

He said his official overseas trips had bagged an employment program to provide 2,000 professional jobs to Machakos youth in the Middle East, starting with an initial 300 by June once paperwork is completed.

Mutua added that three fruit and food processing factories, a pharmaceutical and textile company will also be set up in Machakos .

He added that Ashok Leyland, a vehicle manufacturing plant
a solar (Green Energy) production company will also be put up in Machakos .

He revealed that his government had started conversation on how to access subsidized bitumen for tarmac construction directly from the Middle East

“We are also at an advanced stage on discussion for ready market for Machakos food products such as green grams, chicken, peas and fruits to Tanzania, Middle East and Asia especially India,” said Mutua.

He said this lagging behind and historical injustices that have been perpetuated by past leadership are what he was working hard day and night to correct as I serve his people.

“We are now fully engaged in providing water to all regions of Machakos through our ongoing targeted household water programs. So far, we have dug over 250 new boreholes and rehabilitated an additional 100. We have dug dams and constructed river weirs in every location,” said Mutua.

He said a program to upgrade 17 roads in the county to bitumen standards work has already started on some county roads.

“It should also be remembered that we were the first and probably the only County Government that has tarmacked roads with our historical Makutano Ma Mwala to Kithimani Road that we built in 3 months. We have also tarmacked all roads within Athi River Township,” said Mutua.

Mwonga and Kasoa said they will not be intimidated to stop supporting Mutua adding that his leadership was beyond reproach.

Mwonga said attempts to replace him as the Majority Leader had been engineered by those opposed to Mutua.

“I want to tell them that we are with the people and that their evil schemes will fail,” said Mwonga.


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