Munya, Kiraitu bare fangs in Meru supremacy battle

February 6, 2016 7:07 pm
Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi (l), Governor Peter Munya (c) accompany DP Ruto as he is welcomed with dance to Nkubu. Photo/ PSCU
Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi (l), Governor Peter Munya (c) accompany DP Ruto as he is welcomed with dance to Nkubu. Photo/ PSCU

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 6 – Drama unfolded at a meet attended by Deputy President William Ruto in Meru on Saturday after the County governor Peter Munya stormed off.

A difference of opinion over the newly created Jubilee Party occasioned his premature departure.

Munya was criticised heavily at the Nkubu meeting, intended to rally support for the Jubilee Party, for his hesitancy to join the bandwagon.

MP after MP including county Senator Kiraitu Murungi, 13 in total, took jabs at Munya before he finally got his turn at the microphone and reiterated his independence to choose for himself a party on whose ticket to make his 2017 bid for office.

He did not get very far though as those gathered shouted him down with chants of, “JAP! JAP! JAP!”

Munya rolled into office aboard the Alliance Party of Kenya bus with Murungi in the driver’s seat.

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Murungi however got over his initial hesitation to abandon the vehicle for the Jubilee Party and was appointed co-chair of the Jubilee Party Steering Committee.

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The Jubilee Party, evolving from the Jubilee coalition, has been identified as the ticket on which the incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta, will seek re-election.

There have however been some murmurings over the decision to merge into one the parties subscribed to the Jubilee coalition.

There are those who believe the decision was imposed on them, Munya included, and sufficient consultations not carried out.

Grumblings that led President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto to summon the party leaders to State House where the merger deadline was shifted from December to March to allow sufficient time for, “sensitisation.”

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The merger is however the subject of litigation after a lawmaker from the President’s The National Alliance party moved to the Political Parties Tribunal in fear that President Kenyatta and his Deputy risk losing their seats should they change parties.

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Narok North MP Moitalel Ole Kenta argues that while the Political Parties Act Section 11(7) explicitly protects the seats of MPs and Members of County Assemblies should they switch parties, it does not do the same for the Presidency or governors.

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