Longhorn Publishers, Angaza Writers launch integrity series

February 11, 2016 3:11 pm

, INTEGRITY-SERIESNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 11 – Listed Publishing Company Longhorn Publishers Ltd in partnership with Angaza Writers has officially launched the “Integrity Series” a far reaching concept developed to tackle corruption at a nascent stage.

It will advance a value based education system that will have children acquire and understand the importance of having high ethical and moral behaviour at an early age.

According to the office of the Auditor General, Kenya has lost more than Sh4.5 trillion to corruption since the year 2000, an equivalent of Kenya’s economy today. This amount of money could have been used to provide free education and health care for millions of Kenyan citizens.

In a quest to spearhead the fight against corruption, Longhorn seeks to stem the vice by engaging a younger generation through a series of 12 stories simulating lifelike characters in a bid to shape reason and empathy in children.

Speaking during the launch, Longhorn Publishers MD Simon Ngigi noted the need of collective effort by all Kenyans in addressing corruption by Inculcating virtues and integrity in a young generation.

“We need our children to know that integrity is more than just being honest. It’s about doing what is right for the right reasons and thus we must emphasize a value based education system in order to impart integrity and ethics in our children at a young age to allow them become better citizens” he said.

Angaza Writers, led by Dr PLO Lumumba backed the initiative through engaging their resources to develop and distribute the storybooks content in formats that are comprehensible to the younger generation.

“The concept of corruption might seem abstract to kids and that’s what inspired Angaza Writers to partner with Longhorn Publishers to make this real to children through easy to read books,” said PLO Lumumba.

The initiative is expected develop a culture that rewards ethical ways of life in schools and educational institutions.


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