CID officers mentioned in Waiguru affidavit under probe

February 18, 2016 3:36 am

, ANNNE-UKNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 17- Police have opened an investigation into the conduct of CID officers mentioned in the affidavit containing allegations against former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.

Some of the officers, including the Banking Fraud Investigations Department Chief Joseph Mugwanja and other detectives who handled the Sh791 million NYS probe have recorded statements.

A senior officer at police headquarters said the investigation will focus on their mandate and how they conducted the probe following claims in the affidavit that they were complicit in the scandal.

EACC has already opened a fresh investigation into the rip-off after a suspect in the case, Josephine Kabura implicated the former CS as the architect.

In the new investigation, the commission says it will question all persons of interest in the matter including Waiguru, Kabura and all other people who are mentioned.

Interior Ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka says “We have to follow the force standing orders before an action is taken.”

He added “We want to ensure the individual work of an officer does not affect the image of the service. Action will be taken once there is evidence to warrant that.”

The CID officers were invited by Waiguru after she ‘discovered’ suspicious IFMIS transactions.

Kabura alleges that the Head of the Banking Fraud Unit, Mugwanja in whom the matter was referred to was given Sh80 million.

According to Kabura, Political Scientist Mutahi Ngunyi attempted to ‘fix’ the situation by casting Waiguru in the role of whistleblower; advising her to backdate a letter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, inviting them to probe, “suspicious,” IFMIS activity at the NYS.

“Ngunyi advised madame Waiguru to do a public statement to cool down public anger. He also advised her to do a backdated letter on the purportedly stolen password inviting the CID to intervene. This letter was dated June 5, 2015,” Kabura alleges in a tell-all affidavit filed in the High Court on Monday.

Ngunyi has since distanced himself from Waiguru even after rendering consultancy services on the restructuring of NYS.

“I cannot defend former CS Anne Waiguru anymore,” he said in a press statement on Tuesday. “I do not know her. Our relationship was clinical and in my strict brief at NYS was to restructure, not to fight corruption cartels.”

Two journalists have also been mentioned in the affidavit.

The two, according to Kabura received Sh10 million for them to change the narrative in favour of the former Devolution Cabinet Secretary.


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