3 key security issues CS Nkaissery wants tackled in 2016

February 4, 2016 5:05 pm

With that, he said, “these are our 2016 major security issues.”

For other forms of crime, he asked the security bosses to let the DCI and NIS to work on them.

To execute the advance security plan, Nkaissery said he will only work with those who are “decisive, have integrity and knowledgeable about the security needs of their jurisdiction.”

“You must be decisive in your action,” he told the security chiefs.

On integrity, he said they must do, “what is right when no one is seeing them.”

To pass this test, he said they must remove “fear of not doing your job because you are scared someone is going to take you in court; by doing that, you compromise the security of Kenyans. That cannot be accepted.”

He warned against “back-passing” saying every one must work hard.

“When you have integrity, even if your son, your wife or mother commit a crime, you arrest her,” a tough talking Nkaissery said.

A case study was the Namanga Highway where he said from “Namanga to Kitengela, we have 10 roadblocks. Despite that, an ethanol lorry gets through all of them because they are mere ATMs.”

Corruption remains a major challenge within the police service.

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