Sh25mn Kidero fee was modest, and I moved on – Ahmednasir

February 3, 2016 6:20 am

, AHMEDNASIR-ABDULAHI-NIGHTNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 3 – Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has confirmed that he quoted Sh25 million to represent Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero in an election petition in the Supreme Court.

Abdullahi has however denied that it was he who approached Kidero and says it was the Governor’s business partner who sought his services.

“The truth of the matter is he sent Mzee Khalif his business partner to me. We had a single meeting at Khalif’s home in Nairobi,” he tweeted hours after Kidero accused him of harbouring a grudge over the lost business.

In a series of tweets, Abdullahi also said that contrary to Kidero’s contention that the fee was exorbitant, the Sh25 million he quoted was on the lower side of his billing scale. “I told Kidero I will charge him Ksh25 m for my service. Kidero thought that was high. I told him it was modest.”

A figure which Kidero says was made even more unreasonable by Abdullahi’s demand that it be paid in cash and upfront.

Abdullahi has however denied that Kidero’s refusal of the deal bred hard feelings which might have led him to exacerbate things for the Governor who appeared before a special committee of the Judicial Service Commission on Tuesday to respond to the charge that he paid Justice Philip Tunoi Sh200 million to ensure his petition before the Supreme Court was determined in his favour.

“It is normal for lawyers and potential clients not to agree on fees.”

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And although Abdullahi, known in some circles as the Grand Mullah, has denied harbouring any hard feelings, his series of tweets copied to Kidero were not without his sarcastic brand of humour. “I am confident considering his skills and enormous resources he will wiggle out of his current predicament.”

On Sunday, in another series of tweets, Abdullahi stated that the amount Kidero allegedly paid out to win his petition was a hundred million shillings more than the over Sh200 million reported.

“Correction. The alleged bribe in Tunoi/Kidero is not 2 m dollar. It is about 3 m dollars. 2 million was for 4 judges. 2 were paid separately,” he tweeted.

It was this tweet that Kidero put down to Abdullahi being sore on missing out on his business. “Since I had a very competent team there was no need for me to pay him. And it’s only after I said no to him and he knows the details (of) where we met, the people who were in that meeting are still alive, is when he crossed and went to Waititu (Ferdinand) and I’m surprised that him in particular has been prosecuting this issue in media and I can assure you that I’m going to sue and I’m gonna sue damn great.”

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