Police arrest kingpins in massive money laundering ring

January 18, 2016 4:23 pm
IG Boinnet says the discovery was made following a tip-off from the public.
IG Boinnet says the discovery was made following a tip-off from the public.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 18 – Police have arrested two men whom they describe as kingpins in a money laundering ring with $693 million worth of fake money which was stored in a house along Mombasa road.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett said an additional 369 million Euros was also seized during the haul.

The IG says the two Cameroon and Niger nationals were arrested following a tip off from a member of the public and warned anybody dealing in fake currency that their days were numbered.

“We came by this huge haul based on a tip-off by a member of the public that an individual had been conned of a Sh40 million purportedly in exchange of US dollars and Euros that had been shipped in from Syria. The subsequent police operation led to the discovery of 693 million dollars in fake currency,” he stated.

He further urged Kenyans to be careful of dealers in fake currency who he says have swindled many of their hard earned cash.

“We also discovered 369 million fake Euros and some of it was just plain paper, cleverly bundled up together to appear as if they were genuine currency. We also discovered money printing machines, computers and chemicals, all being materials used to make foreign currencies,” he said.

He lauded the person who provided the tip-off and emphasized the need for everyone to work together in the war against crime.

“In this respect I would like to thank not only the individual who gave us that tip off but also other members of the public who have continued to support us in the war on crime,” he stated.

He explained that following the arrest, a number of complaints have been received regarding such money laundering rings which con people.

“I wish also to inform you that rising out of the activities of these individuals, we have received complaints emanating as far as Comoros that there are in our midst individuals who print fake currencies that are exported beyond our shores and that does not make us look good at all,” he said.

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