Guzman’s US extradition could take a year: Mexico

January 12, 2016 6:47 am

– Penn was monitored? –

While Guzman could face US justice, Mexican authorities are investigating the clandestine meeting between Penn and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, who brokered the interview. Authorities want to question the actors.

The newspaper El Universal published pictures on Monday showing the two actors arriving at the airport in the western city of Guadalajara on October 2.

Another picture shows the pair greeting a man before taking a car that took them to an airstrip in the neighboring state of Nayarit, the newspaper said.

One of the two small planes they boarded is pictured, supposedly heading toward Guzman’s hideout in northwestern Mexico.

The images are part of a Mexican intelligence report obtained by the daily.

Penn wrote in a Rolling Stone article published Saturday that he had received a “credible tip” that the US Drug Enforcement Administration “had indeed become aware of our journey to Mexico.”

The US rock magazine posted an October 2 picture showing Penn shaking Guzman’s hand during the meeting in an undisclosed jungle clearing in Mexico.

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