Fatuma leaves hospital after surviving stabbing on cheek

January 16, 2016 3:56 pm
"My hope is to see my husband arrested and jailed," she said/MARGARET NJUGUNAH
“My hope is to see my husband arrested and jailed,” she said/MARGARET NJUGUNAH

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 16 – Fatuma Ibrahim, who drew nationwide sympathy as images of a knife wedged in her cheek after being stabbed by her husband became public, has finally left hospital.

She was discharged from the Kenyatta National Hospital Saturday after recuperating for two weeks after a successful operation to remove the knife.
Doctor Edwin Rono said Fatuma had recovered well from the stabbing.

Speaking to Capital FM News through translators after being discharged, Fatuma said she was happy to be alive and was thankful to God and everyone who contributed to getting her help, especially AMREF Flying Doctors and the media for having shed light on her plight.

She also said she would like to see her husband, Mohammed Deeq, jailed.

“My hope is to see my husband arrested and jailed,” she said.

Describing the events of the fateful day, Fatuma said she had not done anything wrong, adding that the attack was not the first one.

“My husband has assaulted me on countless other occasions. This was not the first,” she said.

Why then had she never left him if he was that violent towards her?

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“The children are the reason why I have stayed with him regardless of what he has put me through,” said the 32 year-old mother of four school-going children.

Deeq is already in police custody.

Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Ibrahim Ali said Fatuma would be put under the care of her relatives in Eastleigh, Nairobi, for a few days.

Afterwards, AMREF offered to fly her back to Wajir where she will be under the care of other relatives who include her brother.

The lawmaker also took the opportunity to emphasise the dilemma of people who need emergency treatment but cannot access healthcare such as that given by Kenyatta National Hospital.

“I urge the national government and county government to partner with people like AMREF to ensure that everyone accesses health care,” said Ali.

She also asked the national government to allocate money to Kenyatta National Hospital so that it can have more facilities.

“This hospital has been of great help to Fatuma and countless others. It should therefore be allocated money that will ensure it acquires world class facilities to ensure it offers world class services,” she added.


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