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January 13, 2016 5:58 pm
Odinga had issued a 3-day ultimatum, which expired on Wednesday/FILE
Odinga had issued a 3-day ultimatum, which expired on Wednesday/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 13 – “Show us proof that the money is really there. Stop joking with Kenyans and if you do not tell Kenyans about the Eurobond, I will tell them.” This was the tough ultimatum issued by CORD leader Raila Odinga on January 9 to the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission as he threatened to reveal the beneficiaries of the alleged Eurobond scandal.

Odinga had issued a 3-day ultimatum, which expired on Wednesday.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko had announced that the EACC investigations found no criminal culpability on the part of government in its handling of the funds raised through the Eurobond.

Kenyans took to social media platforms on Wednesday, putting Odinga on the spot and challenging him to live up to his threats and unleash the dossier of alleged Eurobond ‘eaters’.

When Capital FM called the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Communications Director, Philip Etale, he said “Let me confirm from my boss and I will call back.”

The hashtag #TheRailaEurobondList was trending in Kenya, with some making fun of the situation.

“It was hot air, be patient, just wait for just 3 weeks, the list is being printed in Germany…” some joked.
Here are some of the sentiments as posted on Twitter (posted verbatim):

Dennis Mugwiriah [email protected] The list was to be send thro WhatsApp but unfortunately the app expired #TheRailaEurobondList

K koech [email protected] #TheRailaEurobondList it seems nowadays raila makes dupious utterances to remain politically relevant

I Follow Back© [email protected] Exposing #Jubilee thieves isn’t such an easy task. The cartels might fight back in various ways. Leave “Baba” alone. #TheRailaEurobondList.

The Mutai® [email protected] TREND ALERT: #TheRailaEurobondList SDurely DPP has let us down. Raila wont. Today we ask Raila to share the list with the public. 3days over

DUKE OF GATANGASHIRE [email protected] DUKE OF GATANGASHIRE Retweeted Samuel MuhiaVery hard feelings. Sisi watu wa Arsenal unatochokozea nini and we have nothing to do with #TheRailaEurobondList ?

Fred m [email protected] #TheRailaEurobondList where will he get the real names? does he own investigators and how credible are they..no one can trust a liar

Peter chebusiri [email protected] #TheRailaEurobondList If Raila could have not stood firm ..Kenya could have been SOLD long time ago ..But he could have been given a share

Gichumbi [email protected] BABA promised us a list. He gave a 3 day ultimatum. Remember duale also promised a list on alshabab. 4get the lists #TheRailaEurobondList

Ahmedkadar [email protected] The magical 3 days are up. Waiting for #TheRailaEurobondList

Ahmed Mohamed [email protected] If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones. Waiting for #TheRailaEurobondList #MessageForMyChildren

Benard Kariuki [email protected] You don’t get it. Raila must keep postponing the list with conditions. Its remaining relevant that is at stake here. #TheRailaEurobondList


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