Yemen president returns to Aden from Saudi exile: official

November 17, 2015 7:00 am

, ABEDRABBO-MANSOUR-HADIADEN, Nov 17 – Yemen’s president returned to Aden on Tuesday from exile in Saudi Arabia, a day after a military offensive was launched against Iran-backed rebels, a presidential source said.

After landing in the provisional capital, Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi went straight to the palace to “supervise” the offensive, which is aimed at retaking rebel-controlled Taez province.

His return comes just days after his prime minister, Khaled Bahah, announced the government’s return to the war-torn country.

The president has tried to return before.

In September, after six months exile in Saudi Arabia, Hadi and Bahah returned to Aden but had to go back to Riyadh after a deadly attack on the provisional seat of government in a hotel.

Saudi Arabia has since late March led an Arab coalition fighting Iran-backed Huthi rebels and their allies in Yemen, in support of Hadi’s internationally recognised government.

The UN says that some 5,000 people, more than half of them civilians, have been killed in Yemen since the Saudi-led intervention began.


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