6 rifles stolen during Mpeketoni attack recovered

November 16, 2015 3:30 pm


6 Rifles stolen during Mpeketoni attack recovered/FILE
6 Rifles stolen during Mpeketoni attack recovered/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 16- Security agencies involved in the ongoing operation in Boni Forest on Monday recovered six rifles and ammunition stolen during last year’s attacks that left over 60 people dead in Lamu County.

The automatic rifles belonged to home guards who were attacked when Al-Shabaab militia raided Mpeketoni and Pandanguo villages.

The officer in charge of the operation, James ole Serian says the operation will continue until the vast forest is safe.

He says the recovered weapon have been handed over to forensic experts for analysis.

Mid this year, a British jihadist fighting for Al-Shabaab, Thomas Evans was killed during a thwarted attack on an army base with the coastal town.

Evans was among hundreds of militia who led the assault in Lamu County.

Evans, in his mid-20s and also known as Abdul Hakim, was a Muslim convert whose family lives in Buckinghamshire in southern England.

On September 4, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet declared Boni Forest a dangerous place due to the Al Shabaab threat.

The police boss then ordered residents to surrender all arms in their possession and quit the area due to an imminent security operation.

The Al-Shabaab militants have continuously used the forest to launch attacks within soft areas of the coastal town of Lamu County.


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