Wanted: These Kenyan Al-Shabaab killers

October 20, 2015 9:59 am
Police say the five suspects are in Somalia but are planning to cross over on a mission.
Police say the five suspects are in Somalia but are planning to cross over on a mission.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 20 – Police have released names and pictures of five Kenyans wanted over links with Al-Shabaab.

The police are seeking the assistance of Kenyans in identifying the five individuals who are said to be in Somalia but are planning to sneak back into the country for a mission.

Among the suspects is a woman on a suicide mission, Shamim Wanjiru Hussein. The 26-year-old was born in Pumwani, Nairobi and has been married to several Al-Shabaab operatives throughout her years.

Shamim was reportedly recruited by Eric Ogada, an Al-Shabaab operative for a possible suicide bombing mission.

“While the target and timing is unknown, it is likely that Shamim will reach out to her friends and family, some of whom live in Nairobi. Kenyan Police request the public to provide any information regarding Shamim to avert Al-Shabaab attack plans,” read the police statement.

Shamim is wanted alongside her current husband Omar Patroba Juma who was among the group that attacked Baure military camp in Lamu in June.

Juma was born in Siaya in 1982 and is said to be a financer of Al-Shabaab activities together with Anwar Yogan Mwok whom he travelled with to Somalia in 2013.
Born in Siaya like Juma albeit one year earlier, Yogan Mwok is as lethal as his best friend.

According to the police, he owns various properties within Umoja area in Nairobi, some of which it is suspected he has disposed of and the proceeds used to finance local Al-Shabaab activities.

He has also worked with Ogada to recruit youth within Umoja.

The former Mathare United Soccer Club player was Christian prior to his conversion into Islam and recruitment into violent extremism having travelled to Somalia in 2013.

“Once in Somalia, Anwar joined Jaysh Ayman, a group of largely Kenyan Al-Shabaab fighters who plan and execute attacks against innocent Kenyans within the country,” the statement further states.

Omar Owiti and Ramadhan Kioko who were part of the foiled Baure attack but survived and fled are also wanted.

Kioko is said to have joined the terror group in 2008 while Owiti joined in 2013.

Omar Owiti is the younger brother of the late Hassan Omondi Owiti alias Budalangi.

Hassan Owiti was a trained Al-Shabaab operative who participated in various attacks in Nairobi in 2012 which made him a fugitive and was killed in May 2013 following a gun-fight with Police who had gone to arrest him in a house in Githurai, Nairobi where he was hiding.

Kioko otherwise known as Pinji (slang for thief/pick-pocket) within Majengo Nairobi was brought into violent extremism by Ahmed Iman who was the self-proclaimed Amir of extremist youth in Majengo Nairobi.

He is said to have moved his son only referred by one name ‘Abdulmalik’ from Majengo Nairobi to join him in Somalia and was captured on video as one of the Al-Shabaab militia who attacked Baure Military Camp in Lamu County.

During the attack, two Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officers lost their lives with 11 Al-Shabaab fighters also perishing among them Thomas Evans, a 25-year-old British citizen.

“Some of the attackers of Baure Camp have been traced as having roots in Nairobi. Investigations continue into the activities and locations of these youth conducting attacks against Kenyans,” continued the police statement.

The Police however noted that the cooperation of members of the public in providing information relation to suspicious activities had been vital in averting attacks.
They called on the public to be vigilant and report any peculiar cases to help rid Kenya of bad elements and so as to save lives.

“The continued partnership between the public and the police is critical in ensuring that those who plan attacks are doomed to fail,” said the Police.


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