Crush those propagating terror, Netanyahu tells Kenya

October 12, 2015 12:00 pm
DP Ruto meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.
DP Ruto meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

, ISRAEL, Oct 12 – Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has advised Kenya to deal ruthlessly with those perpetuating terrorism.

Speaking when he met Deputy President William Ruto at his offices in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said terrorists’ agenda was to kill, so they should be stopped on their tracks before they accomplish their mission.

“We must nip the fundamentalists (terrorists) in the bud. Africa too must ensure we don’t have these cells there. That is what we need to do. We should not relent,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister called on the world to work in concert now than ever before to stop acts of terror.

He said Kenya, like Israel, was facing serious danger with terror and it was time it took decisive steps to deal with the menace.

Netanyahu said intelligence was critical in combating the menace. “The ongoing terror attacks are a disease. We (Kenya and Israel) are fighting fundamentalists. We must not allow them to succeed,” he said. “Kenya is our ally in this war.”

The Prime Minister said Israel will assist Kenya with expertise, training and equipment to fight the menace.

The same assistance will be extended to agriculture, technology, irrigation and health.

Netanyahu, who was sympathetic to Kenya on losing many students in Garissa to acts of terror, said the crisis has now become a “global turbulence” with the rise of ISIS.

“You need good communication and intelligence to defeat terror. In this war, we should not relent.”

“The security of Kenya is of value to its neighbours…we are ready to give resources, expertise and training,” the Prime Minister added.
Netanyahu revealed that Israel, Italy and Germany were ready to assist Africa deal with terrorism. He said the leaders of the three nations had consulted on the matter and other issues that are beneficial to the continent.

The three nations, he added, wanted to ensure Africa governments did not collapse because terrorism was mushrooming from failed states.

Ruto, while thanking Israel for support in the area among others, said Kenya was keen to share intelligence with Israel.

He said counter terrorism was key to winning the war against the fundamentalists who were exploiting religion. The African Union, he added, was working to ensure countries were stable so that terrorists don’t exploit absence of law to cause lawlessness.

The Deputy President said Kenya had benefitted a great deal from Israel in the agriculture sector, health, security and technology.

Later, the Deputy President visited the Knesset (Parliament) where he held consultations.

He also toured the Holocaust Museum where he laid a wreath in memory of six million Jews who were killed during the Nazi regime.


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