Nigerian military claims surrender of 200 Boko Haram fighters

September 25, 2015 3:28 pm


Leader of Boko Haram/FILE
Leader of Boko Haram/FILE
NIGERIA, Sep 25 – Nigeria’s military said more than 200 members of Boko Haram surrendered Friday as troops regained control of the northeastern town of Banki, from where attacks had been launched into Cameroon.

“Over 200 members of the terrorist organisation Boko Haram have surrendered today (Friday) to the Nigerian troops in Banki town,” army spokesman Sani Usman said in a statement.

There was no independent verification of the military’s statement, the latest in a series of successes claimed by the army against the Islamists, including the destruction of Boko Haram camps.

Usman said Banki, in Borno state, was re-captured on Thursday.

The military had earlier claimed the arrest of 43 Boko Haram suspects and the release of 241 women and children thought to have been held by the group there.

Boko Haram has previously used Banki to launch cross-border attacks, including in and around the Cameroon town of Amchide, where the Islamists clashed with security forces and there were failed suicide attacks Tuesday.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has given his military commanders until early November to end the insurgency, which has claimed at least 17,000 lives and left more than two million homeless since 2009.


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