KCSE, KCPE goes on despite teachers’ strike

September 18, 2015 12:47 pm
KNEC Chief Executive Joseph Kivilu. Photo/ MIKE KARIUKI
KNEC Chief Executive Joseph Kivilu. Photo/ MIKE KARIUKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 18 – The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has released the National examination timetable despite the ongoing teachers strike which has paralysed learning in public schools countrywide.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) oral and practical examinations are set to begin on the 28th of this month while the written tests will commence on October 5.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) papers will be done between November 10 and 12 and Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang stated that adequate security measures have been put in placed to ensure that the examinations go on smoothly without disruptions.

“The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has been monitoring the impact of the dispute over the past three weeks from the start of this school term on 31st August 2015. Our findings on the strike indicate that while most schools remained open, a large number of school going children have gone largely untaught,” he said. “A number of teachers have remained steadfast in teaching in readiness for the oncoming National Examinations and we need to appreciate them. However, the Ministry is still monitoring the situation and in the next few days, will give direction on this important matter.”

Speaking during the launch on Friday, Kipsang indicated that the Ministry was working to put in place adequate manpower to ensure the exams are invigilated and marked properly.

“The Ministry assures candidates, parents and guardians that the National examinations calendar remains unchanged in spite of the strike. Consequently, all examinations will continue as scheduled as per KNEC examination timetables. Security being central to a conducive examination environment, I wish to assure the candidates, and their teachers that the government has put in place measures to secure the candidates and examination materials,” he said.

He warned any student against cheating during the examination period saying tough action will be taken against those who do so.

“As you are aware, examination results are used for selection, placement and career advancement in life. However, due to its competitive nature, many will try to achieve success in examinations through unethical means. As officers deployed to oversee administration of national examinations, we must therefore ensure that we guard the conduct of the examinations against all sorts of malpractice so as to enhance credibility,” he said.

He pointed out that proper security arrangements have been made to ensure examinations are properly guarded at the distribution centres as well as in their movement from distribution centres to the examination centres and back.

“Top security officers both at the national and regional levels have been alerted about security matters concerning examinations and they will be fully in charge of security operations during the examination period. To address some of the security concerns in the administration of examinations, arrangements have been made to deploy armed security officers in all areas where examination is being stored or administered including when examination materials are on transit,” he stated.

He stated that arrangements have also been made to increase the number of armed security personnel escorting examination materials from drop off points to the distribution centres.

“We will also provide armed security escorts to assessors for oral and practical examination papers as well as KNEC officers participating in briefing and monitoring of the 2015 national examinations in North Eastern region. There is a mammoth task ahead of us to plan, organize and mobilize available resources in order to meet these expectations,” he said.

He stated the need to be vigilant and students to give their best shot during this period.

KNEC Chief Executive Officer Joseph Kivilu has urged all students to resist the temptation to cheat as there will be stiff penalties for anybody found culpable.

“Although many Kenyans only think of these two major examinations, we have other key examinations that will be administered during this period. We have the Technical and Business examinations that are to begin on the November 18 while the early childhood development examinations certificate and diploma will start on December 8 2015,” he stated.


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