Second-hand shoe trader in Marakwet wins Sh50mn

August 11, 2015 12:57 pm


"As a practicing Christian, I will give the church 10 percent of the amount as it is God who has given me this money in the first place," Kemboi said/CFM NEWS
“As a practicing Christian, I will give the church 10 percent of the amount as it is God who has given me this money in the first place,” Kemboi said/CFM NEWS
NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 11 – David Kemboi, a second-hand shoe trader and part-time farmer in Marakwet is the grand prize winner of Zindua Chapaa’s Sh50million.

Forty year-old Kemboi stated during the presentation of the cheque that the money was going to change his life and that of his family.

“I thank God for being crowned as the ultimate winner of Zindua Chapaa’s Sh50million. I know that this money will change my life and that of his family and that life will greatly improve for us.”

First on his list of things to do with the money, is giving tithe to his local church.

“As a practicing Christian, I will give the church 10 percent of the amount as it is God who has given me this money in the first place,” Kemboi said.

Secondly, he will use the money to educate his children who are in primary school.

“I also hope to buy a piece of land and hopefully build a good house for my family.”

The Road to winning the Sh50mn

Kemboi, a father of six – three boys and three girls – did not expect to become an overnight millionaire. When he woke up Monday morning, his plans were to go to and buy stock for his business.

“I received a call on my way… the caller asked me to take a seat as what they wanted to tell me was good news. That is when I rechecked the number and recognised it as Zindua Chapaa’s phone number,” Kemboi said during the officially hand over of the cheque.

The caller went ahead and explained to Kemboi that he was the grand prize winner of the Sh50million.

Cutting his business trip short, Kemboi rushed back home to tell his wife, Margaret Kemboi, the good news.

“The problem was that I had not told her that I had been participating in the campaign for fear that she would find it unreasonable. She therefore found it hard to believe that we had truly won the amount,” he explained.

Margaret however came around and accompanied her husband together with their six children to Nairobi to receive the amount.

Asked when he started participating in Zindua Chapaa, he stated that he started almost immediately upon its launch in April.

He went into great heights to get money for participating in the game which costs Sh19 per text message.

“There are days when I spent over Sh5,000 per day just to participate. I even took loans from friends whenever I did not have money for taking part in the game,” Kemboi stated.

Giving up on the game was however not an option to him.

He explained that he had faith that he would win, even if it was just Sh100,000 to clear the massive debts he had back home.

Moving forward, Kenya’s newest millionaire encouraged people to not give up on their dreams, even if it is about winning a lottery.

“Go on and keep doing what you believe in. Good things will come along the way just as they have for me,” he said as his wife and children looked on.

Also present at the ceremony was Philip Okutoi from Kakamega County who won Sh100,000. Like Kemboi, Okutoi stated that he was grateful to God for the opportunity to win saying that he too would give ten percent to his church in Kakamega.

“My job ended towards the end of last year. The amount that I have won will assist me in paying the education of my six children who are also three boys and three girls just like Kemboi’s,” he explained.

These winners of Zindua Chapaa marked the end of the Infiniti Capital Limited’s interactive game show. The show, which kicked off in April last year also produced over five thousand winners of Sh5,000, over one hundred winners of Sh100,000, over 10 winners of Sh1million and two winners of Sh10million.

“We are happy to see how Zindua Chapaa is changing the lives of ordinary Kenyans as that was the whole purpose of the game,” Nate Kariuki, Inifiniti Capital Limited’s Project Manager said during the conclusion of the campaign.


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