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MP Mwiti sells pub and is now ‘a fisher of men’

Mwiti who is facing rape charges in court announced he would now be a fisher of men after a life of inequity/FILE

Mwiti who is facing rape charges in court announced he would now be a fisher of men after a life of inequity/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 20 – Imenti Central Member of Parliament, Gideon Mwiti, completed his Saul to Paul conversion Thursday when he declared he had “seen the light” on the biblical road to Damascus by giving his life to preach the gospel.

Mwiti who is facing rape charges in court announced he would now be a fisher of men after a life of inequity.

Using the miracle of Lazarus to explain his transformation during an interview that turned into a sermon at a Nairobi hotel, Mwiti emphasised that seeing the light after years in ‘blindness’ was not inspired by the potentially damaging charges he’s facing but by the need to inspire and change lives.

“I want to be a church person, I am already changed and I am looking at being a preacher in due course so that I can give people the experience of this life in two worlds – I am going to teach people from known to unknown,” declared Mwiti.

“Jesus has raised me from the dead. He did not care about how many days Lazarus had spent in the grave or how much his body stunk but he used him for his glory,” the born again legislator added.

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To superimpose his new faith, he declared he had sold his liquor businesses as he looked to walk in the straight and narrow path where only a few tread according to the teachings of his new found faith.

“I am not depending on how people knew me earlier on; I want them to watch this space to see the Mwiti who is favoured by God, who will carry the favour and grace to other people,” the businessman asserted.

“There is no way you can carry a key to the bar and a key to the church. If you put them in one pocket, they will clash and the clashing you will see is pastors are caught up drinking at night when they are supposed to mentoring people,” he explained further on why he had abandoned the devils drink.

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Taking on his former merrymakers and clients, Mwiti urged for the war against illicit and second generation alcohol to be enhanced proposing that even drinks classified as first generation should be strictly regulated since they were being abused.

“I have been empty without the word of God; I now want to be filled up gradually so that when I talk, I am talking from a position of knowledge. I am telling you, it is a wonderful world for the few days I have been in it…my family is happy,” the new man of God said after drinking from the chalice of spiritual nourishment.

“I am not operating the bar business again. I don’t ever want anything to do with it, and you can come and confirm – Tana Bar in Westlands is now an office, I intend to begin selling motorcycles and electronics on hire purchase,” he reiterated.

He said if the government was committed to empowering families and young people it should develop stringent measures to ensure the first generation alcohol was not abused.

“It can only be sold under strict rules enforced by NACADA and the government. How can you be a decent person when young people are drinking, fighting and engaging in other illicit activities in your premises,” he posed.

On the question of what happens to his friends and business associates whom he had been engaged with, Mwiti said he was willing to accommodate those who would subscribe to his new found faith.

“I am looking forward to making new friends who will behave the way I want them to behave… I want you to look at the company I keep and know that I mean what I say,” he said.

In the course of the interview he even made a phone call to one of his former business associates to terminate his services, and informed him of his change in lifestyle, although the gentlemen was startled by the news, he acknowledged the change.

The legislator now says he is preparing to hold meetings in his constituency in the coming weeks to inform the people about his decision adding that he is also set to open churches in the area.

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As it stands, the rape case against the Imenti Central legislator has been suspended pending determination of an application seeking to stop the Director of Public Prosecutions from prosecuting him.

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