First Lady visits ultra-modern Tokyo hospital

August 27, 2015 7:31 am
The First Lady exchanges gifts with ASICS CEO, Mr. Motoi Oyama. Photo/ PSCU
The First Lady exchanges gifts with ASICS CEO, Mr. Motoi Oyama. Photo/ PSCU

, TOKYO, Japan, Aug 27 – First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Thursday made an extensive tour of the state-of-the art Aiiku Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, which specialises in providing high quality maternal and child medical care.

The hospital was started in 1934 to mark the birth of the crown Prince and the current emperor Akihito.

The First Lady was guided during the tour by the Hospital’s Director Takashi Okai through the departments of Labour, Theatre, Paediatric and the Out-patient areas where she witnessed first hand top class care given to the mothers and their children.

Okai said over 2000 mothers seek the services of the hospital annually. The hospital has over 100 beds and 36 neo-natal units.

He said most of the high-risk cases from other hospitals are referred to Aiiku.

Bedsides high quality care for its patients, the Director said the hospital supports safe and comfortable pregnancy, labour/delivery and child bearing.

In regard to perinatal care, the hospital cooperates with community medical institutions.

The First Lady also held talks with the Chief Executive Officer of the ASICS, a sports apparel making company that has interests in many parts of the world including South Africa, West Africa and Europe.

The ASICS CEO Motoi Oyama agreed to visit Kenya under the forthcoming Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) to explore possibilities of investing in the country.

Already, ASICS have agreed to construct a 400 metres track in Kenya.


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