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I’m loyal to Kidero, but must interact with all MPs – Ondieki

Nairobi Environment Executive Evans Ondieki pushes a wheelbarrow during a clean-up exercise. Photo/ FILE

Nairobi Environment Executive Evans Ondieki pushes a wheelbarrow during a clean-up exercise. Photo/ FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 16 – Nairobi County Government Environment Executive Evans Ondieki says it would be wrong to sack him over his alleged political involvement with Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru.

Ondieki told Capital FM News out that he is loyal to Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and blames cartels within the county of undermining him as a result of his hard work.

It has been claimed that Ondieki is already campaigning to be Waweru’s gubernatorial running mate in the 2017 General Election.

“I have no problem with my boss. I am working and all those spreading those rumours are malicious. Let me tell you, Ondieki is not a man to sack, I am a global person. I can work anywhere. I can work in the US, Japan or even Europe. So if you are really thinking of sacking me, then you are mistaken because I am a successful lawyer. I am one of the top lawyers you can find across the globe,” he stated.

He asserted that his work speaks for itself and his conduct while in office has been exemplary.

“Telling me that you will sack me does not add value because I am a top professional who can go and succeed. But I have said clearly that I have no problem with my Governor, we are working closely and 2017 will have its own dynamics in place which will unfold when 2017 comes,” he said.

He however indicated that Kenya is a democratic nation and everyone should be allowed to air their views without victimization.

“All these stories are being perpetrated by the cartels who want to have a particular way of things and I think the Governor does not accommodate that kind of behaviour. Why are people not talking about me being the deputy of Kidero? That should be a discourse that people should have freely because why should people think that I want to be the deputy of Waweru and not the deputy of Kidero?” he wondered.

He stressed that his line of work brought him in close contact with leaders from other parties and it would be pretentious if he did not interact with them.

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“Kenya is a democracy… so you cannot tell me not to greet members of Parliament of Nairobi. Ordinarily, even the Constitution obligates us to work together in harmony in order to realise service delivery to the people. It will be pretentious to tell us that I am a Minister of Environment and I am going to a constituency in Nairobi and that I cannot engage the MCAs there,” he stated.

“The Governor is my friend and we work very closely with him. We relate with mutual trust, we do not pretend. He is a good man; we work very hard and he is a democrat. Why did we fight for democracy very much and we have Article 38 defending our political rights that we are able to engage in politics freely without fear or favour? So this democracy that we fought for is a value that we must protect and nurture. The bottom line is that I am working very closely with my Governor, I have no problem with him whatsoever, he has never had a problem with me and if he has he can always tell me, he is my boss,” he declared.

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