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Baby Bhakita finally en-route to India for surgery

Baby Bhakita, her mother and Capital FM News Judie Kaberia at the JKIA. Photo/ FRANCIS MBATHA

Baby Bhakita, her mother and Capital FM News Judie Kaberia at the JKIA. Photo/ FRANCIS MBATHA

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 17 – It was a defining moment for baby Bhakita Tamara and her mother as family members gave them goodbye hugs as they checked in at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

In the company of friends and relatives, Bhakita’s mum and dad were very excited that finally, the tunnel of darkness that had engulfed them for several months had some light at the end of it.

It was a family that had given up on Bhakita’s heart surgery after being told it could not be done in Kenya but in India at a cost of Sh1.5 million and she had to be operated on before she turned six months old.

The humble family had no expectations that they could raise that money before July 18.

But through references, Capital FM News learnt of the needy case and swung into action with only 10 days to go before Bhakita turned six months old.

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The most challenging moment was how to raise Sh1.5 million shillings in time for her surgery within such a short time.

It was a story that attracted the hearts of many who called to console and assure her mother that they would walk through the journey with her.

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Apart from the moral support offered to a mother who needed every little assurance, well-wishers made contributions which even surpassed the target of Sh1.5 million.

The appeal also caught the attention of the Chairman of Miller Foundation Kenya, Cecil Miller, who donated Sh700,000 to support Baby Bhakita’s surgery.

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Cheerful and innocent Bhakita won the hearts of local and international well-wishers on social media who apart from contributing money and consoling her, also offered solutions on her travel arrangements to India.

So overwhelming was the support that Bhakita’s parents lacked the right words to appreciate the help extended to them.

But their faces and smiles said it all as they hugged and wished Baby Bhakita the best during the major heart surgery.

But one of their request is for little Bhakita to be remembered in prayers as she undergoes the surgery.

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