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10,000 police officers deployed for Obama visit

Kenyan security agencies are working closely with the Secret Service in securing the world's most powerful man/FILE

Kenyan security agencies are working closely with the Secret Service in securing the world’s most powerful man/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 22 – Nairobi County Police Chief Benson Kibue has announced that he will deploy 10,000 officers to provide security during US President Barack Obama’s visit.

Speaking following a briefing with police bosses from Nairobi County on Wednesday, Kibue stated that officers will be deployed to various venues, where President Obama will be and will work closely with the Secret Service in securing the world’s most powerful man.
He urged Kenyans to fully co-operate with security officials at all times and keep off events where they are not invited.

“Our officers are well prepared. As I said we are coordinating very well with the foreign agencies that are here and we are calling for total cooperation. President Obama is coming and we have been looking forward to his visit. One thing that I would like to inform Kenyans is that there are some venues that will be by invitation only. So we are calling for total cooperation and we will be able to facilitate the lining up along the routes,” he said.

Kibue assured Kenyans that during the visit, nobody will be harassed and urged everyone not to fear moving around the city during the period.

“I am assuring that there will be no manhandling or harassment of any kind. This is something that we have planned and systems will run as usual. There is nothing that will be unique arising from the visit of President Obama. Nairobi will not stand still in terms of business, everything will run as usual and Kenyans will be proud to host President Obama here in Nairobi city,” he stated.

He pointed out that officers from the prisons department and the National Youth Service will also be used to bolster security within Nairobi.

“In terms of security maintenance in Nairobi, we have not only relied on security deployment here in Nairobi. What we have done is to call reinforcements from our neighbouring counties so we have our counterparts who have joined us. We also have incorporated other security agents like prison officers, NYS to team up with us. We will have about 10,000 officers taking care of security during the visit,” he stated.

He indicated that from the outset, they have been joining hands with other foreign security agencies to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. READ: Obama visit: Mombasa Rd, Uhuru and Waiyaki Way to face hitch.

“We have mobilised our officers and hence today, we are meeting all OCPDs, all CID bosses in Nairobi and also APs in charge. Since the announcement of the arrival of President Obama this Friday, we have sat down and coordinated with foreign security agencies very well and as at now, there is no hitch that we have encountered because we have moved to all areas that the president will visit and secured them,” he stated. “Particularly on the side of security, our officers are well prepared. We are calling for total cooperation among all Kenyans.”

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On Tuesday, there was a stir at the Kenyatta University when curious members of the public rushed there to view Obama helicopters that landed at the campus grounds.

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